Friday, January 22, 2010

Fabbo Friday and a fab froggy film

I know it's not French, art house, a Cocteau, or featuring Johnny Depp. Several mothers I've spoken to have hated it, but surprisingly enough (and this is the year I hope to surprise myself) I enjoyed this children's movie far more than I thought I would.
It was my daughter's first ever cinema experience. We had given up hope that The Wizard Of Oz was going to run in Sydney on the big screen. I am not a big Walt Disney fan by any means but reading that this pic was hand-drawn in the old style of animation interested me enough to escort Daisy and the Scribe. The Scribe was eager to see how Daisy enjoyed her first trip to the pictures, which of course was the only reason he came along!
I found the movie charming although the soundtrack a bit of a disappointment to what I had been expecting. I loved the ethos of 'it's okay to wish and believe but you also have to work hard'. And the voodoo scenes were great although perhaps a little scary for small ones.
Daisy, I hastily add, wasn't afraid at all of the bad spirits, being far more interested in the popcorn. I also enjoyed the scene where Ray the firefly loved the star who he believed to be a firefly. I can hardly believe I've written that on a public Blog. But my favourite moment - which did bring a tear to my eye (yes, total saddo that I am) - was when Mama Odie the Voodoo good magic mama says to distinguish between needs and wants. Then the heroine, Tiana, is told that her much-loved father who never achieved his dream of opening his restaurant didn't get what he wanted but he had what he needed (his wife and daughter). Such a lovely sentiment! And a really great topic to muse over yourself - what is the difference between what you want and what you need?
The Scribe thought the whole thing was pretty pants. I suspect he did like the alligator Louis who wanted to become a professional jazz player and having been to New Orleans he enjoyed seeing how accurately that beautiful city was drawn. Daisy I know was more interested in the popcorn than the film although she has talked about it a lot and recited dialogue from it constantly And of course, Tiana is Disney's first ever black princess and heroine. Can you believe it has taken so long?.
I was interested to read that Oprah Winfrey plays Eudora, Tiana's mother. So fitting this great American lady was involved; the themes are close to her heart. The movie has been so successful for Disney that they plan to release regular hand drawn animations. And of course the merchandise has already hit the shelves: cookbooks, Tiana's costume, tiaras and kissing frogs.
Do you enjoy any children's movies? I loved The Wizard Of Oz and watched it just the other day. I also want to see Mary Poppins again but I want to read the book first. I am looking forward to watching some great old classic children's films with Daisy.
Enjoy your weekend. I hope it is filled with joy and buckets of creative fun. Thank you for visiting me. There is a link below to the UK Independent which has an interesting article on the hand drawn aspect of The Princess and the Frog. I welcome this return to Disney studios of the art which they previously scrapped. Hand-drawn animation contains true magic in my opinion.


  1. Awww I liked this post...I want to see the film described it so well - the scene of you all watching it and Daisy with her head in the popcorn!! :) I also like the question posed with wants and needs...If I look at my some ways I do have all I need...I'd like my own personal love again one day but I'm okay right now without it. I don't feel too needy right now so that must be good right? I want a lot from life but I realise sometimes life isn't prepared to dish it out...every 'want' I achieve must surely be a blessing...because there are so many in this world less fortunate than I truly wanting AND needing... We do live a charmed life compared to is good to remember this at times when we are unsatisfied and still seeking more. xxx

  2. How fun- Daisy's first experience at the movies! This film looks like good fun. I was in the Disney store the other day getting my nephew a present and loved looking at all of the princess memorabilia...

  3. Hello Josephine

    Firstly, thank you so much for the comment about Mo's books and for your personal recommendation. It's funny how we are all different, some love to be scared...I'm not one of them. I do love suspense and be on the edgge of my seat but no scared out of my wits...

    I found your review of the film really interesting as I am curious about seeing it. Unfortunately, I have detected that Phoebe is beginning to lose interest in certain films saying that they are too babyish, to be expected as she will be 10 on her next birthday. She loves the barbie movies at the moment.

    I really like the original Snow White, Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty films. Maya l'abeille, Barbapapa and TV cartoons which I love too.
    Is the move going well, do you feel that you are progressing?

    I did think of you when I visited Niki's shop as I knew you would have appreciated her things.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

    Take care
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  4. how wonderful that disney are returning to hand drawing - i find computer animation is getting a bit slick and cold. i recently found a video copy of the wizard of oz in the op shop, and it is rex's new favorite. it does stand up to all the fancy contemporary children's films and retains its charm and entertainment value. a shame it's not available on the big screen.

    and mama odie's sentiments remind me of the wise words of the rollng stones "you can't always get what you want - and if you try some time you find - you get what you need"!

  5. Curious Cat, that is so true! I always enjoy reading your comments!
    Jennifer, I bet you are a wonderful Aunt. Hope all is well with your mystery novel.
    Isabelle, it's scary how quickly the children move through different stages! Daisy has now let go of the Wiggles (they're for boys) George the Monkey (he's only for three year olds!) She is mad on Princesses at the moment and spends hours playing she is the Fairy godmother and I'm the sod who has to cook and clean. Sigh, it's all too true.
    Pinry, I am exactly the same when it comes to the coldness of current animation films. It is all a little too slick for me. I too thought of the Rolling Stones song as well. Mama Odie was a great character!

  6. I've heard really good things about this film.

    I'm also glad to hear that Disney plans to make more hand drawn animation. I agree with another commenter that a lot of the recent computer animation is too cold. They lack a certain warmth and charm.


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