Monday, January 18, 2010

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and Mo Hayder

Well! The folk who know me are probably wondering why it took me several months to get around to featuring Mo on my Monday posts. Truth to tell, I could pop Mo there every Monday as she gives me so much inspiration.
It's common knowledge how much I love, admire and respect this fab, intelligent, softly-spoken Englishwoman. And Mo is the perfect example of NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. She may look like a model who would write genteel, literary, worthy poetic books. But she actually writes extremely dark crime books that happen to be poetic, intelligent, literary and haunting. Mo's characters will play with your mind for years and her plots will definitely keep you up at night as you think about them for a long time afterwards.
My very favourite Mo book of all time is TOKYO - an unforgettable, spinechilling, gutwrenching read. But I also love her Jack Caffery series with the tormented and charismatic DI Jack Caffery.
Here comes the brag and name drop. I was lucky enough to meet Mo and do a workshop on writing with her in Sydney a couple of years ago! Yes, there's the photographic evidence above! As you can imagine, I, the humble Tale Peddler, was terrified at the prospect of meeting a writing idol. Other writing heroes had disappointed severely in the flesh with their inflated egos. But Mo is so charming, personable and damn likeable that you feel totally at ease in her company within seconds.
And (another major brag coming up) Mo put my daughter Daisy in the dedication of her fourth Jack Caffery novel, SKIN. Of course I was totally elated at Daisy being in the dedication and used as a small part of one of Mo's characters. And Mo restrained herself from doing anything too nasty to her Daisy character!
Yes I love Mo because she writes like an angel. She's a wonderful mother and writing friend to have. She's kind and has beautiful manners and she has no fear when it comes to writing.
That's why I admire her so much. Her honesty and lack of fear. It takes a lot of courage and honesty to write in the manner that Mo has chosen to do. We could all emulate that unflinching courage in our own creative efforts. And so for Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday I salute the wonderful Mo Hayder!
If you would like to learn more about one of the UK's best selling crime authors her website is HERE.
Thanks for visiting me! Hope your week is filled with lovely creative moments and you are given the strength and courage of a MO when creating. xx


  1. Thanks for the intro to this beautiful author!

  2. Gosh, I've never heard of her but with such a glowing report...I'll have to check her out pronto won't I?! :) xxx

  3. Once again so happy to be introduced to another new author. Writers are my favorite types of people and you are lucky to know so many!

  4. I love MO!!!!!! My faves were the early ones,Birdman and the treatment!!! Very very warped!!! I often wonder how on earth she came up with such sicko ideas for such a nice posh lookiing lady! : )

  5. The Duchess of Tea has bestowed a title upon you. Her Grace requests the honour of your presence at the knighting ceremony to be held at Rose Tea Cottage.

    The Duchess will be honoured if you accept the award she is presenting you by copy and pasting it on your blog.

  6. yes, it's often the most talented that are the most unassuming - they don't need to big note themselves. she sounds lovely, and how wonderful that she was so entranced by your daisy! p x

  7. Hello Josephine

    I too stopped watching the news about 5 years ago. I dislike the sensationalised style that they adopt now. I ususlly look up the headlines online. However, I found myself watching in horror as the news came on soon after a TV programme I watched last night.

    Mo does sound like a very special person indeed. How nice og her to mention Daisy in her latest book! It sounds like Mo and you have much in common. About to have a look at her website. I love thrillers but not too dark... I feel deaply uncomfortable with anything too dark or too scary...

    I have night dreams that come true sometimes or very vivid dreams, they are enough for me!

    I'm off to bed now, hope you have a good day today.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  8. You are welcome, Willow. You have introduced me to many beautiful writers.
    Curious Cat, it's funny she has slipped through your net both of you being literary type Brits. Mo gets rather a good amount of publicity too. Pleased to introduce you!
    Jennifer, I have met many writers. Mo is my favourite. Apart from the Scribe of course!
    Totally agree, Lesley. I have often pondered the same. I think Mo gets asked that question a lot!
    Duchess I am humbled to accept such a truly beautiful award. Many thanks and I raise my cuppa to you!
    Pinry, I know. Mo putting Daisy in the dedication of SKIN was one of the loveliest things that happened to me last year. I was totally thrilled but Mo is just that sort of person. Daisy often chatters about her.
    Darling Isabelle, I am not too sure if you would be able to read Mo comfortably. I am afraid she is very dark and takes you into places you might not wish to go. Her writing style is so good that she carries me there. Try Tokyo or the later Jack Caffery's - don't do Birdman or The Treatment straight up as they can really shock. I don't read a lot of darker crime but Mo is just too good a writer for me to resist! xx

  9. Mo and her work sound intriguing.... I haven't come across her before, and I like a dark read now and then, but they can get disturbing for sure. The book-by-cover thing - I hear you. I once interviewed Anne Rice, and she was the sweetest, most genteel southern (as in Deep US South) lady you could ever meet. Very humble and modest and just lovely... so there goes another of my brags!) Lucky Daisy - thats an honour indeed xx

  10. Well, Thank Goodness writers can be normal ... or I'd have to change careers.

    Little Daisy's in with the right crowd ... Won't that be a cool story to tell to friends at school. x

  11. Clara, I love hearing about all the interesting people you have interviewed. I am not surprised at all to hear Anne Rice is a true lady with those wonderful American good manners. Most Americans I have met have had the most beautiful manners. Anne has always struck me with her open heart and graceful way she treats her massive fan base.
    Sharon, I'm not sure I would say writers are normal or that Mo is totally normal! I think Daisy is totally off to a good start and yes, she will definitely have something to brag about in later years. xx


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