Monday, January 11, 2010

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and Pip Lincolne and Neil Gaiman

Hmm, not sure if Pip and Neil have ever been paired together before but there you go. A first time for everything at Tale Peddler!
Of course both Pip and Neil are worthy of Monday posts on their own and no doubt I will do so in the future. I talk a lot about Pip on this Blog; I do love her chirpy, clever, crafty Blog. I particularly love her recent list of New Year Resolutions which I know a few of you have seen already. If you haven't here it is:

1. Listen to some new music :: Check out your local independent radio station website for playlists and suggestions. Or ask your friends for their tips! Or look at a list!2. Read a new book. Or an old book. I found these lists :: here and here : write the ones that sound good in your notebook so you know what to pick up at the bookstore!3. Grow something. Something on the kitchen bench (not mould!) or something on the window ledge or something in the garden. Try not to kill said something.4. Cook a new recipe! Look here or here or here or click the recipe tab above!5. Learn a new thing! What do you want to learn? Visit the library for ideas! Or look for instructional videos on YouTube!6. Make something crafty. Look here for ideas! Even if you think you're not crafty! This is your year to have a go!7. Improve something little every day. Even if it's just making your pencils nice and sharp or changing the light globe that has been out for weeks. Little improvements are the schizzle, I'm telling you. Totally doable and cumulative.8. Devote time to yourself. You can combine this with point 1 or point 2! Or you can do something else like take a walk or watch a movie or take a long bath. Try to do something every other day for you. Please do. I do. You do it too.9. Notice the good stuff. You don't have to write it down. You can if you like. But notice something good each day. I bet you can find one thing each day. Yep.Happy New Year!If you want to read her list with links then you can find it HERE at her lovely, fab Blog Meet Me at Mikes!
And whether you love, hate or are saying, 'Neil who?' I loved his New Year benediction which I found on Terri Windling's magnificent Blog Drawing Board. You can see his clip HERE but here are a few words from it taken from his journal:

May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself. -Neil

But finally I have to say I agree with my wise and beautiful Blogging friend Chez Pinry about New Year resolutions and setting ourselves up to disappoint ourselves. To paraphrase, we should really live every day to the best of ourselves and not be so caught up in the chronological time illusion. If you want to read her far more articulate version you can find it here at Chez Pinry.
My word for this year was ORGANIZE. Huh! I know that's not exactly the most original aim of this year. But as Pip said, I want to improve things even in a small way every day and as Neil says, surprise myself.
Oh yes - surprise myself. Watch the Neil broadcast if you have time. I think it's lovely. And in case you're worried, Pip does have a whole face. That's just my pants computer skills.
Thanks for popping in. I hope you have a magnificent week. xx


  1. 1. I am on a huge Laura Marling kick at the mo - she has a new album coming out!
    2. Always reading!
    3. Waiting for my spring bulbs to show their heads.
    4. Made ginger and date slices yesterday
    5. Starting a new creative writing class tonight!
    6. Learning to crochet
    7. Working on decluttering!
    8. Yoga practice nearly every day.
    9. Trying to be more mindful of the moment.

    Wow! I've achieved more than I thought over the last few days!

    Also congratulations to you - I saw you had won the dress competition!

  2. Have I? What dress competition? My memory is awful! And you have achieved heaps Rachel! xx

  3. Oo I will check Nick out. I liked his little journal entry...I definitely want to kiss someone who thinks I am wonderful...even if it is a bit later on in the year from now...! :)
    Lots of good ideas and advice here! I like Pip's one about noticing things and doing one thing for you...will try that more! xxx

  4. What a lovely couple they are Pip and Neil!

    Each item on Pip's list of resolutions is worth adopting it.
    The emphasis is on doing things on a daily basis. "improve something little everyday". I agree.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Yes - I'm on for noticing the good things too. I forget to do that. I'm working on chilling a bit more.... starting a meditation course next week and walking to get fit.

    That's the plan...

    Thanks for the post - it was inspiring.

    P.S. I hope your back is better

  6. Yes I feel I need to organise a few things this year to Josephine. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Thanks Simone. I have been organizing a little every day which is what Pip is saying, I guess.
    Good to see you, Kate and glad I gave you some inspiration.
    Duta, they do make a sweet couple don't they? I think Mr Gaiman is in love with somebody else however.
    Don't wait Curious Cat, kiss somebody lovely today! xx

  8. you know i'm a pip fan too (i actually discovered you via pip's blog!) so i totally agree with you there.

    i think i must be the last person on earth not to have read neil gaiman, but know he is much admired. his words are wonderful - i'm a fan already on the basis of that!

    and thank you so much for your generosity in acknowledging and sharing, lovely tale peddler. it's lovely to know that someone reads and gets my simple ramblings.
    good luck with that organising - still a battle i'm losing, but improving one thing a day is the way to go!

  9. Really Pinry? Did you find me through Pip? Wow. She has thousands of followers so I must have said something that struck you! I love all your ramblings and you are never simple. You are always wise, clever, stylish, crafty and inspiring.
    Neil writes like an angel. I think he knows that, hee hee. xx

  10. I think I need to be more closely acquainted with Neil Gaiman, because I love Stardust!

    And I love the list, not sure whether I would be able to tick off everything on it! But I'll try, reading should be easy for me lol:)


  11. I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE your suggestions. I could grow some herbs on my garden( and not kill them) and I do have a gorgeous bath tub that is ignored( showers are so much quicker). I hope your 2010 is filled with all you love and even more books, love, and beauty than you can imagine.

    And, dear girl, THANK YOU for your GORGEOUS comment on my blog. You are too kind( please don't go changing:-).xoxoxo

  12. Hi Josephine, A Happy New Year to you - hope it's a truly brilliant one! Clare x

  13. I interviewed Neil Gaiman once, many moons ago, when I worked as a journalist in London - and he was a total charmer! Tori Amos (another interviewee of mine....) loves him too... As for Pip's list, wow! And thanks for your comment re: my sandpit decison. How terrible to hear about someone losing their twins though..... i can't imagine what that poor woman went through, and is probably still going through. Let's hope we all manage to keep ourselves and our beloved little folk safe throughout this new year, and new decade x

  14. Hi Clare, wow. I imagine he would be charming. He is such a talented scribe. And Tori Amos would also be amazing to meet. Yes, it was totally awful about the twins. They did move on and had other children. It is odd how much the human spirit can bear. I know I would die if something happened to my child however.
    Belette, your Blog and words are magic. I have never read a post that moved me so much.
    Sher, now the love has gone you have more time for books lovely lady. xx


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