Friday, January 29, 2010

Fabbo Friday and I'm not freaking out

You may have noticed (or perhaps not) that Wednesday vanished from my posts this week. I've had rather a frantic week and apologize for the omission in normal transmission.
I’ve been busy with my daughter starting big school and my agent wanting my mystery that I’ve been plodding away at. She has seen ten chapters and is very happy with it so has given me the nod to get the remainder to her as soon as I can.
I've also been still trying to fix up our cottage, plan a wedding and I’ve had a few health problems. Here are a few fab things that have kept me happy this week.
1/ A Humpty Dumpty cake topper I bought from the US on Etsy. I love his cheerful face. He is meant to be from the fifties.
2/ Barbara Vine's Asta's Book – a really great mystery novel set between different time periods. I love Barbara Vine//Ruth Rendell and I couldn't put this book down. To me it's a perfect read. Elegantly written, memorable characters and a riveting mystery. Asta arrives in London in 1905 from Denmark and begins writing diaries to express her most private thoughts and feelings. It is Asta's granddaughter who has the task of attempting to solve a murder mystery via the diaries and also attempt to find the true identity of Asta's daughter Swanny. This book has been out for quite awhile but it's the first time I've had a chance to read it.
3/ Keep Calm & Carry On from Lark. This picture is from Allison's wonderful online shop Lark. I have two of these prints and I think I need to paper my entire house in them at the moment.
4/ My fascinator for the wedding arrived from the Etsy store loboheme. I had planned on wearing a white fascinator with a small veil but fell in love with this one. I couldn't resist the vintage crochet doiley and it's perfect for my wedding which is Marie Antoinette crossed with grandma. I have to admit that as time has gone on, it's less of Marie Antoinette and more of the 70s crossed with grandma. I’d been planning on wearing white but found a dress I’m in love with in peach chiffon and so I changed my mind totally. The ring has also been purchased – an estate art deco aquamarine ring. It is not traditional and is beautiful. We have also booked a 1940s double decker London red bus to transport us to the church. Slowly things are coming together. I'm not stressed!
Enjoy your weekend. Hope it is filled with love and relaxing times. Thank you for visiting me. xx

keep calm and carry on print image source Lark

fascinator image from LoBoheme


  1. yes, that sounds like a very stressful week! daisy starting school alone would be cause for meltdown, let alone all the other pressures. your fascinator is absolutely divine! glad that the wedding is starting to take shape - it sounds truly fabulous. hope you get some respite on the weekend. px

  2. Oooh I loved Asta's Book when I read it.

    I also really really loved King Solomon's Carpet (I think that's what it's called, it's about the London Underground).

  3. Pinry, I am the sort of person who hates to miss a deadline, even a self-imposed one such as Chit-chat Wednesday. But I had to just get over my own ego and understand sometimes life does get in the way. Daisy starting big school was an emotional mine-field. More on that next week! The fascinator is called the Winslett. I think they are now down from her site. I thought my friends might think I had just draped a doiley over my head! She has used vintage lace and feathers and it is a lovely thing. Like a little bird. xx
    Rachel. I haven't read that one either! I am so behind in my reading. The great thing about BV/RR is she belts them out so there's plenty to go on with. I found Asta's Book so amazing. I couldn't put it down and was reading until 1am which is exactly what a book should do to you! xx

  4. ooo exciting wedding stuff ahead! Sounds like you are slowly creating your perfect day! Sorry to hear you have been so hectic and with some health problems - hope things slow down a little for you soon and you feel better! xxx

  5. Thanks for the comment - I really appreciate it! I'm glad you liked the series, I worked hard on it.

    Hope your weekend is a relaxing one!

    A xx


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