Friday, April 30, 2010

Fabbo Friday and Beauty and the Bees

I was chatting to my sister who lives in Tasmania (my home state) and she mentioned a new range of beauty products she and our mother have been using.
It's a Tasmanian range called Beauty and the Bees. I love natural skin care and anything produced in Tasmania with its pure air and lush soil has to be of a high standard. Sigh, I'm homesick again for my lovely apple isle. You haven't lived until you've tasted food fresh from the soil there.
I jumped online and Beauty and the Bees looks like a rather fab new find. Not only do they have an online store so you can order from anywhere in our world - they have a lovely Blog called Voice of the Beehive.
Look at the picture of their handcream from their shop. I feel I could spread it on a crumpet.
I had rather an animated reaction to my Kim Wilde gardener crush post. I hadn't realised so many Wilde fans were out there. I have to own up that I wasn't a fan of her music; the gardener Wilde is the incarnation that interests me more. For those who do love her music, you will be pleased to know she is still rocking it! I was more in love with her house which is a big open barn which I saw in some magazine years ago and had an enormous crush upon. That is one of her books above, and I also have her other one called First Time Gardener. There is also a website which has all of Kim's garden articles on them. The link is here.
And once again for my fab blog posts I have enjoyed during the week, I had to choose two. The first one is from a new Blog I have discovered. Jane is a Melbourne woman and her blog has the lovely name of My Pear Tree House. She had a very fab post about the wonderful Lauren Child. That's Lauren's kitchen above, complete with white piano. You can read the post, An Ode to Lauren Child at My Pear Tree House.
And being the severe anglophile I am, I was salivating throughout the legendary Isabelle from Suzy's Vintage Attic post which recounts a lovely outing with her husband to very quaint and Midsomer Murders-type thatched cottages in Somerset.
Isabelle's entire Blog is really one I cherish. She has become somebody who I treasure very much, not only for her posts but for her friendship. And yes, I do feel it is possible to feel friends in a pen-pal type of way with somebody you have never met. Isabelle has a massive following and it's not hard to understand why. Follow in the footsteps of the very lovely Isabelle and Alan in the post West Somerset Cottages at Suzy's Vintage attic.
And no Friday post is complete without another peek at Johnny. A salute to you, Johnny as we head to the weekend.
Wishing you a fab and lovely weekend. May you find joy and inspiration in everyday things. Thanks for visiting me. xx


  1. I've been homesick this week too! :)

    Lovely Friday line up! Have a great weekend xx

  2. I'm smiling to myself here at lovely Jane cropping up here along with Johnny. Wouldn't he look perfect in Lauren Child's kitchen, broodingly making a cup of tea?

  3. Thanks Miss Green Ink. Nice to know I am not alone. I'll be over to visit you soon.
    Hello Mise , I think Johnny would look even more perfect in my tiny kitchen making a cup of tea! Thanks for your comment! xx

  4. i recently discovered beauty and the bees too. i was using their hair soap for a while to wean myself off shampoo, and i also tried samples of their soap and moisturiser which were superb.

    nice to see kim again, and of course johnny too!

    hope you have a lovely weekend too. j xx

  5. Hi Josephine,
    Such lovely beauty products. Some beauty items do smell and look edible.:)
    What a perfect way to end the week with a gorgeous picture of Johnny Depp. He is yummy too!:D
    I have some good news for you!
    You have won a giveaway draw prize. A pack of fairy postcards. Come and visit my blog and see them.
    Please can you send me your name and address details through my website and I will send your prize later next week.
    All best wishes.

  6. Oh those beauty products look divine :]

  7. Hi Josephine

    Thank you for the really kind and complementary comments you have made about me and about my blog. I am really touched. I too regard you as a friend even though we have not met abd value your friendship.
    I think that we have a number if things in common and have many similar interests. That is why I always love reading your posts.

    I have looked up The Beauty and the Bees, just the kind of beauty products that I love using. I found a website in UK that sells just 3 of their products and 2 of them have sold out.. The handcream looks good, I think I may well order some of it.

    I have added Pear Tree House to my blog list, really lovely blog.

    Have a lovely weekend
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  8. I look forward to the Friday blog yor mind just flits like a little butterfly but I love theway you mention the blogs you have enjoyed and why. You are a little gem. Have a great weekend.

  9. I am off to check out Beauty and the Bees Josephine...sounds gorgeous. Happy May Day to you....xv

  10. hi Josephine thanks for the mention, and yes I wouldn't mind Johnny Depp in my kitchen too. And he can read books to my children any time!! xoxo


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