Friday, April 23, 2010

Fabbo Friday and Loads of fab and lovely things

Loads of lovely fabs this Friday for my swallows and swans.
First up my new Rachel Ashwell book which is one of those books difficult to tear yourself away from. Pure lush beauty and inspiration on every page. I love the way Rachel's style is evolving with a more urban edge (such as her vintage brown leather sofa) and her minimal way of living. Little tips like you only need two changes of linen for each bed and Rachel's personal inspirations such as vintage wallpaper Marie Antoinette, the theatre and ballet make this book one of my new favourites. I think Rachel is so inspiring with her new life directions after Shabby Chic suffered the losses it did in America. I also enjoy Rachel's beautiful Blog as I love her style of writing.
In a new addition to Fab Friday for Tale Peddler, I plan to talk about a particular Blog post that inspired me or, I thought was fab, during the week. Blogging is all about sharing and so hopefully, you'll find some inspiration there - or even make a new Blogging friend.
This week I actually have two as it was difficult to pick.
The talented, crafty Kari from Artsy Mama and her post on her daughter's fifth birthday party where she created a Strawberry Shortcake party for her lovely daughter, Chloe. My daughter also thought this was an amazing post and asked me if I could reproduce the same party. With a doubtful look at me, she said, "You could try, Mummy." You can find the post on Kari's site Artsy Mama.
And another Blog I've followed for ages. A fellow Tasmanian girl, the lovely Amanda from The Vintage Rose. Amanda really lives in my dream home in Launceston, Tasmania. You can see the photo of her home above. Sigh. She also has a divine store where she sells lovely French inspired goods. She has two beautiful teenage daughters and a terrific garden. The post I really loved of hers is where she shared a few personal photos of her family. There is the loveliest pic of her and her husband. You can find Amanda's beautiful Blog at The Vintage Rose.
And I had to add this fab piece from the very fab Allison of Lark. This is an extract from her gorgeous newsletter. I recommend you subscribe to the Lark newsletter which you can do here. It really is the prettiest thing to receive in your inbox. And Lark stock so many goodies. Even Cath Kidston now - hurrah! The piece below I have copied from Allison's newsletter. I thought it so true - and so clever. Fab Allison and fab Lark. You can find Allison's gorgeous Blog here.

If you grew up thinking ...
A Blackberry was something you picked in a country lane and not something you spent your weekend ignoring ...
MySpace was a den in your back garden, built with bed sheets and runner bean canes ...
Noah, Isaac and Joshua were characters from the Bible rather than kids in your class ...
And if you wanted to be an astronaut, train driver, nurse, footballer or anything other than a CELEBRITY when you grew up ...
CONGRATULATIONSYou're a product of the Ladybird generation.
Lark's delightful collection of Vintage Ladybird gifts, homewares and stationery features classic, fun and nostalgic images from the Ladybird Book archive. Perfect for Mum

And last but not least. Another new feature of Fab Friday is a photo of the wonderful Johnny Depp to be rotated every Friday to go out to the weekend on. Yes, I know that's probably a bit tragic and perimenopausal of me but I think we all know how much I love Johnny!
So much fab for this week!
Have a cracker of a weekend filled with lovely moments. Thanks for visiting me. Cheerio. xx


  1. Hi Josephine

    I too have that book by Rachel Ashwell, I love the picture on the front cover including what she is wearing.
    That is such a lovely birthday party, sadly Miss P has moved on from that type of party now. She will be 10 this summer...
    I've had a look at the Vintage Rose blog really beautiful images, I can see why you like it.
    I laughed at the tragic and perimenopausal I too see myself in that category! Johnny a favourite of mine too (nice picture)

    Have a fantastic weekend enjoying some quality family time.

    Take care
    Isabelle x

    P.S: The Bardot book arrived yesterday, I have started reading it.

  2. i always love your recommendations, so will be sure to check out these blogs. i loved rachel's other books so am thrilled to hear she blogs. and, i'm definately a product of the ladybird generation! nice photo of the deppster too. j x

  3. Hello Isabelle,
    I hope you enjoy the Bardot book It is a good read whilst you are recovering. Rachel looks beautiful in the book doesn't she? xx
    Jennifer, yes check out Rachel's Blog. The Deppster is adorable in any photo! I'm coming to visit Chez Pinry right now! xx

  4. You also have a fabulous weekend. Loved todays post so many pointers to new things. Not sure those books are my sort more into crime with some humour and difficult twists and turns. Christopher Brookmyre is my favoured read have all his books first edition and signed such is my passion. Had you been in Princess Street when I was giving out my flowers you would I am sure been a recipient.

  5. Wow! That strawberry shortcake party is something out of this points for effort there! xxx


Thanks ever so for your comment! I love feedback! xx