Monday, April 19, 2010

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and A Bad Smash

Whenever there is a challenge, there is also an opportunity to face it, to demonstrate and develop our will and determination
This quote came from the Dalai Lama on Twitter. I love Twitter. I prefer Twitter to Facebook although I'm pretty pants at the updating my status or tweeps thing. My life seems so boring if I reduce it to tweeps. But I am always fascinated by what my tweeps are twittering about. And I adore the fact I can follow someone like Sally Thomsett (remember Jo from Man about the House?). I loved Sally as Jo, and Sally Thomsett and I twittering over easter eggs and so forth is too surreal and lovely for words.
I couldn't help reflecting on the Dalai Lama's tweep last night when a bad car accident happened literally right outside our door. A young girl speeding down the street smashed into a parked truck. She survived but her passenger had the front of the car and part of the truck flip back through the windscreen onto him.
It brought back bad memories for both myself and the Scribe (the Scribe had been out playing music and came home to chaos in the street and the man lying on the road), as shortly after we met, we were also involved in a serious car accident. I have a pin and plate in my right arm and had to undergo several painful surgeries as a result of that motor vehicle accident. I could no longer nurse and painting at art school became very difficult as I couldn't strap canvases etc.
Life can change so quickly and our health, family and circumstances shouldn't be taken for granted. It's all too easy to get caught up in wanting, wanting, wanting, more, more, more and being so focused on our creative pursuits that we take all the little miraculous moments for granted.
Creativity is also about BEING and REFLECTION. And so for this week, I'm going to attempt to appreciate all the small moments of life more as I go about my day.
Enjoy your week and give thanks for the little things. Life can change so quickly and so don't take those precious small things or your loved ones for granted. Make time to smell the roses. xx


  1. I hope this little comment then turns into to one of those little moments for you. You are 100% correct we should be happy for all the little wonders of out life. I am grateful that i have met you and your blog because you have become one of my little wonders. As you read these last few words take a nice deep breath and say I have made Ralphs day i am happy. LOL

  2. OMG!! Man About the House!! I used to love that show!

    I know that has nothing to do with the rest of the post, which is also beautiful x

  3. I know all about life changing quickly and so have never taken anything for granted, friends, family or waking up each morning for that matter.
    I was lost with all your tweeps and so on.... bit of a Luddite really, only use the computer for my writing and emails and online shopping, can't do anything terribly clever with it, and have a mobile phone I don't know how to use properly, even though it has been stuck in a drawer somewhere for three years! Hate the darned things to be honest, and hate the fact that people seem to have to be in touch with others 24/7. I prefer to be out of touch for the most part!

  4. Hi Josephine

    How tragic for that man and his family. Life can be taken away so suddenly, we really must appreciate what we have. With recent events here at home, Alan and I are seeing life with different eyes.

    Your accident changed your path in life, do you miss what you used to do?

    I didn't watch that TV series as I wasn't in England then. I was in France for the whole of the 70's. How nice to be in touch with someone whose you admire. Happy tweeting...

    The Dalai Lama always has such words of wisdom. I wonder what it is like being him...

    Take care
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  5. You are so right, darling! Too often we take the simple things in life for granted! It's time to stop going through the motions of life and start living instead:)


  6. I'm reading your post first thing on a Monday morning and decide it's a message from the universe. I always try to be aware of them, but I'm sure I miss plenty of them. This one I got, thank you, and I will do the same: be aware and appreciate the small moments of grace and beauty that come my way.

  7. So scary and so true... life can change in an instant- all the more reason to enjoy every moment! Also- I love your tweets- you are always doing something interesting like knitting with spiders or attending the ballet!

  8. i'm still getting over the fact that the dalai lama twitters! i guess he is all about communication, and all the better that his wisdom is dispersed in a contemporary medium.
    sorry to hear about the accidents - your witnessing one recently, and it's bringing back memories of a painful time. it's a shame that you had to give up art school, but great to see your creativity is still exercised in other areas.

  9. Ralph, you are always stealing my lines as that is the way I feel about you!
    Rachel, I loved Man about the House as well. I grew up on it I still do love it actually. And Jo was always my favourite. I love her wise fool act.
    Maggie, I'm so with you. I hate mobiles too and rarely bother with mine. I'm sure they do cause brain tumors and I also hate the way people think they can contact you instantly on them. I don't even know where mine is at the moment!
    Isabelle, I have looked for you on Twitter and Facebook but no luck. No, I don't miss what I used to do. I had over a decade nursing and was pretty burnt out. It was good at the time and I still think about some of the patients but that stage of my life is over.
    Sher, perfectly said. Thanks for popping over sweets.
    Miss Footloose, I am a believer in messages and signs from the universe. I am pleased if you got something that valuable from my post. Thank you!
    Jennifer, thank you for that. I feel my life as a writer and mother may sound dull when written down. It's not to me as that's what I enjoy doing! It is good to know I'm not boring my fellow tweeps to death.
    Jennifer (Pinry) that made me laugh out loud. The world seems mad sometimes. Have you ever seen the Dalai Lama talk? I've seen him twice and couldn't understand a word but he laughs a lot. I guess you don't have to understand him to get his message (or his tweeps)
    Yes, I paint with words now. Probably to the relief of my old art teachers! xx

  10. Thanks for sharing your story Josephine. It has been a learning curve for you and hopefully others. I did not know the Dalai twitters! Amazing stuff.


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