Monday, April 26, 2010

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and Inspiring Lovelies

This week I'm feeling inspired by
the full Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday night
Kim Wilde and her change of career from 80s pop babe to gardener
the new Daisy design (Garland edition) (yet another bottle to add to my daughter's growing Daisy bottle collection)
words, always words tap-dancing in my brain
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak which is making those tap-dancing words tap even harder. A wonderful book that almost makes me feel like swooning when I read some passages
vintage wooden dressing tables
Snow White
thatched English cottages
roses - in particular the yellow and pale peach-coloured roses
That's my list of things giving me pleasure and inspiration this week. What is inspiring you? Do leave me a comment and tell me.


  1. Well, right now, it's your lovely blog and a slice of perfectly toasted raisin bread.

  2. I'm more a crumpet girl myself Willow! Thanks for your kindness. xx

  3. Kim Wilde, yes. She was one of my favourite 80's idols ... modeled my clothes on her ... memorised her lyrics ... dyed my hair her shade, bought her videos, cds. How could I forget! Now gardener ... fascinating.

    That's weird how we seem to be attracted to the same women!!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Made my day x

  4. I adore the book thief...glad to hear you are enjoying it too - let me know what you think when you are moving xxx

  5. i enjoyed this post, a lovely whimsical list - might have to do a similar one myself! i had no idea kim wilde was a gardener! my current inspirations would be: peter pan, the thrill of using bicarb of soda to wash my hair (sad, i know, but i feel a kind of triumph in not having to buy shampoo), anzac biscuits, dragons, soba noodles, vintage granny square crochet, pumpkins ...

  6. I love Kim, I had no idea...I will have to investigate further. Thanks Josephine.

  7. What is inspiring me. You know what is inspiring me right now people like you. There is nothing ever better than everyday beautiful people to inspire and rock my boat. I am so fortunate to have lived and been inspired by so many people. Thank you for being you.

  8. What a lovely post! Right now I am inspired by the British...because I will be heading there next month! :)

  9. I love that you collect Daisy perfume bottles for your daughter! I will keep my eyes peeled for such wonderful inspiration. Also, sorry I haven't stopped by as often as I'd like- preparing for baby and taking some time off! xoxo

  10. Sharon, we both have excellent taste.
    Curious Cat, the Book Thief is for my bookclub. I shall finish it next week and shall report back to you.
    Jennifer, I love your fab list. Yes do a post on it! You can use what you posted here.
    Simone, another Kim Wilde lover I prefer her current career to the pop star Kim but I do think she's terrific.
    Ralph, you are a blessing to us all.
    Rachel, I am always inspired by all British as well. Look out UK!!
    Jennifer, I hope you had a good break. It's always good to step back and have a break from Blogging and Blogs. You can always call your daughter Daisy or Chloe or Coco! xx

  11. Wonderful inspirations Josephine......I haven't read the Book Thief as yet but It is one of many by the bed, xv.

  12. Hi Josephine

    I used to love Kim Wilde's songs in the 80's. Cambodia was one of my favourites. It was amazing to see the transformation from her being a pop singer to years later being into gardening.

    Hedgehogs, I like that..When I used to live in Kent I had several hedghogs in the garden. I gave them cat food. Baby ones are just so cute!

    What is inspiring me this week? It has to be Health issues and beauty routines. After having had 2 strong cold virus within 3 months of each other, I decided to look at what I eat and what supplements I might be lacking.

    How is the Scribe? Feeling better?

    Off to bed now

    Take care
    Isabelle x


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