Friday, April 16, 2010

Fabbo Friday - A fab friend

Look at my lovely painting I bought for Daisy's room from King Street. I was so pleased as I had eyed it off all week through the window of the locked shop. When it eventually opened I was on my way to the hairdresser in a rush and had no cash, despite the shopkeeper gloomily saying I could miss out. Lucky for me, when I returned with a new colour and trim and cash in hand, it was still waiting. This chap has a great shop in Newtown and I often buy vintage little golden books, floral paintings and treasures from him. Well, I did before I joined the ranks of the unemployed (ahem). He may not see me as often, alas. But I will not fret as I have this lovely painting to gaze upon on my daughter's wall.
Speaking of lovely and wonderful, I had the best ever surprise when the Scribe arrived home from our post box last Friday. There was a surprise package addressed to me from my beautiful bobbed Blogging pal, Chez Pinry aka Jennifer. How can I describe Jennifer? She is everything I feel I am not. Crafty, organized and able to seemingly juggle ten thousand balls in the air at once with style and flair. Her Blog is like an Australian version of Jane Brocket. This is high praise for me as I am a big Jane Brocket fan of her craft, photography and intelliegent writing. I adore Jennifer and I was overwhelmed by her kindness because - LOOK AT WHAT SHE DID FOR ME !!
She knew I was grieving for Alfie and getting married (not grieving about marriage but you know what I mean). She didn't know I had also lost my job but an angel must have whispered to her. So she sat down and got her needles out one day and knitted this amazing shawl for me! With her own lily-white clever hands. And she also knitted a fetching hair clip to match (which Daisy is modelling in a winsome fashion). She also sent me the most delicious nougat I have ever tasted. And she popped in some of the cutest vintage books. And if that wasn't enough to blow my head and heart chakras to a thousand twinkling pieces - she wrapped them in vintage knitting paper.
What can you say? Kindred spirits connect through Blogging. We share out little buys, our crafts, our woes and our lives. Jennifer, you are a gift to me and I am so humbled that you thought enough of the humble Tale Peddler to get your needles out and start clicking. I will treasure that gift forever and your friendship. And so if you love crafty, clever, stylish Blogs, then visit Chez Pinry.
Wishing you the loveliest of weekends with family and friends. I am hoping to get time to spend in the garden amongst all the activities. xx


  1. How kind of her! What a thoughtful thing to do! Will have to check out her blog as I do like Jane's so if it is similiar... love the picture too - so pretty! :) xxx

  2. What a tremendous blogso full of hope and love and friendship. I felt a lump in my throat as I read it. Glad you got the picture you so wanted but dont tell us artists we would tell you to keep art live. It looks a bit like daisy so can see why you wanted it. I am sure one of the artist would love to paint one similar of Daisy. You are a joy to read great start to the day.

    Thank you so much for the comment on my blog yesterday. I made a further comment in reponse to you. I told Sharon the same as I am saying now I feel humbled indeed and I would not even know where to start trying to get my blog into print. I bow to people like you.

    Thanks again will look at your friends blog. Cant resist.

  3. Curious Cat, I know your taste a bit and feel you would ADORE Chez Pinry. And visa-versa of course!
    Ralph, funnily enough one of my Facebook friends said that it looked like Daisy to when she saw it posted. Perhaps that is why I like it. I do love that 70's style of painting. Don't you dare bow to me you Flying Minister! I am totally in awe of you and your creative talent and your service and deeds to people.

  4. lovely tale peddler, i am undeserving of your high praise. i'm not really organised, and my life is chaos! i think we all like to focus on the postives on our blogs. i agree with you about blogging being a chance to connect with kindred spirits, and i did follow my instincts in making you something, as you were having a stressful time and i knew you'd appreciate it. i hope it keeps your lovely neck warm this winter! thank you for sharing your fascinating and eloquent tales with us. j xx
    ps. am so chuffed at the jane brocket comparison, though i'm a long way off her domestic perfection!

  5. Jennifer, you do have a lovely Bob as well. Just the fact you can even Blog with small children and work and craft leaves me in awe. I only have one child (although most people agree she is equal to ten in ways both bad and good) I am somebody who has struggled with double crochet for a year now. xx

  6. Will have to look at her blog as well. Love the painting...

  7. Thanks Catherine Anne. I shall be over to visit you soon! xx

  8. wonderful, nostalgic and beautiful...your site...i am a new fan!

  9. I've driven through Newtown but haven't quite made it to the shopping part yet. But there look to be some really amazing opshops and vintage shops along there! Once I've started my job, I think thats the first place I'm going to hit!

  10. Thank you, Angel-Star. Do you have a Blog? I tried to visit you but couldn't find the link. Thanks for your visit and leaving a comment.
    Jennifer, there are some wonderful vintage and op-shops in Newtown. King Street stretches for ages. Lots of pretty vintage clothes for your pretty self. xx


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