Monday, April 12, 2010

Magnificent, Marvellous,Mighty Monday and Brigitte Bardot Two Lives

I love the South of France and I set a part of my third book, A Fire in the Shell, in Villefranche-sur -Mer which is one of my favourite places on earth. I'm always crazy for sea-fishing villages.
Of course being the mad Bardot fan I am, I had to also go to St Tropez to walk in the footsteps of the legendary BB. The Bardot I love, however, is not the young nubile beauty who revolutionised fashion and films, but rather the older Bardot. The woman who turned her back on movie-making and stardom to live in St Tropez in her beautiful home, La Madrague. I just swoon over her home with its crochet throws, beautiful artworks, rustic furnishings, her private chapel and her pet cemetery with all its crosses to her loved dogs.
I love the feisty, animal-loving Bardot who rejects botox and plastic surgery. Plays her guitar and dances her gypsy songs and is still opinionated and doesn't give a fig for being politically correct. I have all her books (including the ones in French that I can't read a word of but keep promising I'll somehow magically learn enough French that I'll do so). Pluto's Square and Intiales B.: Memoires are the two I picked up in France. I adore the poetic way Bardot writes and I'm sure if she had pursued writing she would have been a wonderful writer.
People think of BB as being kind to animals and rejecting human beings but when you read one of my favourite books, Bardot: Two Lives by Jeffrey Robinson then you can see countless examples of her generosity and kindness to people.
She is Aphrodite incarnate. One of my favourite stories in Two Lives is when she is dining out with friends and some charmless tourist stares at her and says loudly, "She is ugly."
Silence falls at Bardot's table and she replies proudly, "I am not ugly. I am Bardot."
Thank you for all your kind comments and emails on Alfie's death. They were of immense solace. And so for this week on Magnificent Monday, let us take inspiration from the wonderful Brigitte Bardot. May we embrace every stage of life with passion and disregard for the opinions of others and may we not be afraid to change course and tackle a new stage of life.
Thanks for visiting me. I'll be back on Wednesday for a quick chat about what I've been up to. xx
What could be more beautiful than a dear old lady growing wise with age? Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it. Brigitte Bardot


  1. She is gorgeous in all ages and stages of her life. With her passion for life and love of animals how could she be anything but beautiful?
    Hope your Monday is beautiful!
    p.s. You are an inspiring woman to me.:-)

  2. Great to have you back and who better to post about than Brigitte Bardot. I too am intrigued and inspired by her latter years ...

    who 'doesn't give a fig for being politically correct.' I admire this in her ... and she's suffered abuse by this ... When she departs, her home La Madrague is to be opened as a museum of her life. I will visit for sure. x

  3. I was one of those who as a youth fell in love with her from afar. I still admire her and the fact that she is willing to stand up and be counted for what she believes. Thank you for the comments you have made on my blog I feel honoured that you do so.

  4. Belette, you never fail to leave me a beautiful comment. You are the one who inspires me, loveliest.
    Sharon, I knew this post would draw you in! If they do open La Madrague after she dies, I am definitely booking a ticket. But I want BB to live forever.
    Ralph, I am honoured and pleased to have connected with you in this amazing universe. xx

  5. There's nothing more lovely than a beautiful woman wearing her age with pride. Excellent post.

  6. What an inspiration she is, I love her take on refreshing to see! Also, I'm longing to visit the South of France...badly!

    Happy Monday. ♥

  7. Ah, BB! I'm a roving Dutch girl and grew up with everything BB (and reading Enid Blyton in Dutch, which is apropos of nothing in your post here, but I saw her listed on your profile page).

    Oh, I so wanted to be sexy like the young BB, but never made it. But as an older woman she is much more interesting and admirable. I love the line "I am not ugly. I am Bardot."

    I wouldn't mind being more like her, but "I am not ugly. I am Miss Footloose," just doesn't quite do it. Sigh.

  8. Loved this entry! And love having you back! :) xxx

  9. Hello Willow, perfectly summed up. Far better to surrender gracefully to all the different passages of life.
    Rachel, I am sure you would love the South of France. You must go there!
    Miss Footloose, your comment made me laugh out loud this morning. Yes, I think only Bardot can utter that statement and it be as sassy as it is.
    Hello Curious Cat. I'm back for now! xx

  10. You've got good taste in movie stars. B.B. is symbolic of beauty, talent, compassion for both humans and animalas. And she's french!

  11. Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment on my blog.

    I think BB is truly gorgeous..... inside and out! I have admired her work with animals in later years.... and I love that she has the courage to reject all the Botox, etc.... a rareity in this superficial era.... She is and will ALWAYS be.....BARDOT!

    I read your post about Alfie.... it broke my heart.... but you were a wonderful Mother to him.... so many innocent creatures never have the life Alfie did....

    I love your blog....we share many similiar interests. (Can't believe someone else adores "Picnic at Hanging Rock" of my all time favourites!)

    I will be back to visit soon.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. This is a wonderful post - and I am SO sorry to hear about Alfie. :(

  13. I read every word of this post with interest.Thanks for filling us in about this lovely lady.

  14. i just love BB and think she's just as beautiful now as she was as a younger woman. it's just a different kind of beautiful, is all.....
    and i admire her ethics so much. there are too few people who fight for the rights of animals.....
    i'm so glad you're back....i missed you!

  15. Hi Duta, perfectly said as always!
    Hello Robin, Picnic at Hanging Rock is one of the greatest Australian movies ever! And the book is pretty good too. I have actually had a picnic at Hanging Rock. It is quite an eerie place.
    Thanks Andrea. It is always lovely to see you here.
    Hi Simone, BB and you have the blonde hair and the beach love in common! Thanks for your comment.
    Always great to hear from you, Cat. xx

  16. oh, i missed this post! lovely and inspiring as usual. bb is admirable for being so true to herself. i haven't seen her home, but must google it! i love the south of france too (well, all of france really!)

  17. Hello Josephine

    Thank you for your recent lovely comments! I have been a bad blogger lately but have been a busy bee so haven't done much blogging lately. I also went down with yet another cold virus on Monday which I am only just recovering from. Must build up my immune system!

    I have just spent a good 45 minutes catching up with your posts and looking the links you have mentioned. I do like the way you write your posts, very open & engaging.

    Following your recommendation, I have just bought a copy of the Bardot book on Ebay. Just the kind of book I find interesting. I'm surprised it's taken me so long to buy it. I have several books, biographies on some of the old movie stars etc..such as Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, Tallulah Bankhead etc...

    I know Villefranche sur Mer very well! When I lived in the south of France, we used to go there on a Sunday morning to attend mass then have breakfast outside at one of the cafes by the harbour. Wonderful place!

    You have had a very emotional year so far full of highs and lows. I am so sorry to hear about your job and the way they let go of you. Not nice at all and done in a very cowardly manner! You know that this could open up a much better door for you. This your chance to do something that really feels right for you. Something better waits you...

    I am intrigued by your latest book and wish you well with it. I look forward to hearing more about it.

    Daisy looks so sweet in her Kitty pyjamas, she has a pretty little face!

    I hope that you are enjoying the weekend with your newfound time.

    Take care

    Isabelle x

    Have a

  18. I love Bridget - a beautiful confident woman is always admirable at any age. Lauren Bacall is also one of my fav. 'ageing gracefully' women - so stunning !! COntinue to love your blog and your words are just adorable !! XX

  19. Thank you, Kesenya. And I always love your Blog as well (and your new blonde hair!) xx


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