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Chit-Chat Wednesday- An Award and NAIDOC

Hello! Thanks for popping in to visit. Busy, busy, busy in the Little Brick House. I'm editing Poets Cottage and that's going well. No real clangers yet with timelines etc. My agent is waiting on the next lot of chapters to check it's hanging together and I haven't strayed off track.

News Flash! Tale Peddler has won an award! The very sassy Sharon, from bookish blonde, has presented me with the Lovely Blog Award. I'm extremely chuffed as I've seen this award in Blogworld and would think 'one day when I have my Blog tidied up - I might win one of those’.

Well, that day has come early, so thank you very much Sharon! I always get a lot of wisdom, laughs and inspiration from my bookish blonde. She's pretty fab so don't forget to visit her - and tell her Tale Peddler sent you if you leave a comment!

She's also left me with the almost impossible task of presenting five of my lovely Blogs with the same award. We all know this is almost IMPOSSIBLE as there's so many thousands of terrific, inspiring Blogs out there. I love them all! Not only writing and arty Blogs but house-interior Blogs, parenting Blogs, vintage fashion Blogs. So it's very difficult. Do you give the award to a hugely popular successful Blog which gets massive hits and you love? Or - do you pass the baton to a smaller Blog that receives fewer hits but you also love? Will I lose Blogging friends if they don't get the award passed to them? I'll need to reflect before I award the chosen five. I take it all seriously you see!

But really seriously, that's one thing I love about the Blogging community - that there is a community. You don't get to sit on an award and thrust your Blogging chest out proudly with it pinned. You have to share the love and joy around. So watch this space for my recipients.

I've just returned from my daughter's preschool where they've been celebrating NAIDOC week, a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and their culture (NAIDOC stands for National Aboriginal & Islander Day Observance Committee).

Today the school hosted a morning tea where we were fortunate to have an Aboriginal Elder, Auntie Fay, as their special guest. The children performed two dances for her that they had been practising where they took the parts of various animals: kookaburra, wombat etc,

I couldn't help reflecting as I watched their excited faces how different schools are now to my day. When I was at school, Aborigines just simply weren't mentioned. Captain Cook discovered Australia and that was that! I certainly never thought to ponder who was there first.

I've been very impressed by the schools in the inner-city (and my country friends tell me it's the same in their areas) where prior to any major event at the school the indigenous owners of the land are thanked and blessed.

As I said to Auntie Fay, "This is a new world filled with a different race of children. It can only result in a more united Australia to receive such an education from an early age."

When I told Auntie Fay of my education (with no mention of Aborigines) she said she wasn't even told she was Aboriginal at school. She had no idea of her true blood.

I felt very privileged to have met this woman and only wish her early schooling had been different.

On a recent Open Day at a local kindergarten, the headmaster welcomed the parents by saying; "We do not see this new beginning as your child is starting school, but rather the entire family is starting school with us."

I continue to learn new things through my child's preschool. Every morning as I rush from one activity to the next, I silently acknowledge the Gadigal (traditional owners of the area where I live). It's a good practice, I believe, to acknowledge the elders of the land. After I do this I seem to see with slightly more clarity than I did previously.

As much as I criticise some of the modern ways of parenting and education at times, NAIDOC week alone is proof to me that through the education of our children there is hope for a more united Australia.

Enjoy the rest of your week. Hope all is jolly and creative in your world. xx
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  1. It’s a delight to read your beautiful blog! It is blooming with creativity. Australia seems even more mysterious now. ;)

    We have our own indigenous population problem in the north of Sweden, Lappland. There land was pretty much stolen by colonialists from the south. It’s not such a big problem nowadays however, because Lappland is almost arctic and HUGE, and it’s population is so very small.

  2. Congratulations on your award. You do have a sweet site! Love your creativity.

  3. Congrats on the award. I grew up in a town called Taree. There is quite a large aboriginal community there and I grew up with aboriginal kids at school. What was weird is that they were always separated from us. There were 2 school buses, one for us, one for them. In the tuckshop line there was always a line for them as they usually had food coupons or allowances. So it made it really hard for anyone to integrate and unite with them. So its an interesting subject.

  4. Again another great post! Food for thought. We all live in our own little bubbles and do not think about or even are aware of the issues in other countries. The only pictures we see are those in the media or travel brochures. I was always someone who prefered to see the real place as opposed to touristy, as you learn so much more.

    Isn't it great that we can keep learning from our own children, as they go through school!

    Isn't blogging great not only do I know more about the historical treatment of Aborigines and Australia I know a little about Lappland too. :)

    Am so pleased you are proud of your award, I felt exactly the same with my first and Laura who gave it to me, I have adopted her as a daughter. Lol :)

  5. I was very interested in this history lesson - thanks for sharing the facts of life in your country.

  6. I too feel really fortunate to live in a place that shows a great respect (now) for the indigenous custodians.
    It doesn't happen enoughin this country (in my opinion)
    loving your blog!


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