Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chit-Chat Wednesday - My Lady Gaga


Thanks for popping in. It's seriously scary how fast this week has flown! I've been editing Poets Cottage and working on another short story which I just finished on deadline.

Daisy and I have been battling every morning before preschool. She's now reached the stage where she loves to pick her own clothes.

This would be great if she didn't channel Lady Gaga. I can cope with the fairy tutus and the 'clothes-that-are-far-too-good' for a messy preschool. But I can't cope with her wanting to wear her knickers with gumboots alone on a freezing winter's day or summer shorts and sandals.

My daughter doesn't feel the cold and every morning is a battle-ground in Little Brick Cottage! To add to the challenge she's set herself, she's decided days should be 'theme coloured'. So we have 'pink day', 'green day' and 'red day.' She looks for everything to be coordinated with that colour. Socks, hair-ribbons, cardigans etc. It's a nightmare.

Some days I look forward to 'big school' when she'll have a uniform and I won't have to go through the daily morning tussles as we battle it out for her choice of outfit.

House-wise, the Scribe is busy organising a trip to Ikea which is a major event as WE HAVE NEVER BEEN TO IKEA. This probably makes us freaks in the inner-city where so many people are in small houses that need storage.

I've always resisted Ikea but we do need floor to ceiling bookcases so to Ikea we will go! There's only so many vintage suitcases you can use to store things before you begin to drown!

Back to my edit. Hope your week is a jolly one and you're having loads of creative fun. xx


  1. Absolutely love this post about your little family. It reminded my of my days with my son when he was little (he's 25 now!!!) and he use to hide under the bed in the morning not because he didn't want to go to pre-school but because he was a mischievous imp. Ahhh - the good old days.

    Good luck at Ikea!!!

  2. Thanks Sharon. I do remind myself how quickly time flies and how one day I may miss these morning clashes. I can't imagine Daisy at 25. Hopefully she will no longer have to have the colour theme happening in her fashion. xx

  3. oh those morning battles, love them, had one this very morning!

    enjoy IKEA, not sure what you'll think of it, one's certainly cheap lol

  4. We have those battles too!! Not as bad this time as it was with my eldest... she would do the colour co-ordinated thing too! I used to hide or pack away the clothes I didn't want her wearing - so she still got to choose, but it was within the range that I was ok with ie. for the right season etc.

    Have fun at Ikea - I find the place fascinating/scary both.


  5. It just takes me so long sometimes to get my daughter organised. She can change her clothes 4 times before we leave. And she is only 3.

  6. Oh, i am just imagining Daisy as Lady gaga,you will have a battle on your hands trying to convince her otherwise!!! My Daisy went through a stage of being the easter bunny,walking around with her tights on her head,yes,out in public! So not a good look,but at least it wasnt her knickers!!!

    Talk soon!!!

    Les xxxx

  7. And good to see your blog up and running,i am just trying to catch up on everything now!!!!Hectic as usual!!!1

  8. Ah, this brings back memories of morning clothing struggles with my daughter before school. She turns 27 next month. Cherish the moments, they fly by too quickly.

    (I adore hats on both men and women! I hate the fact that we seldom wear them now. I posted on the subject last year.)

  9. Hi - thanks for your visits to my blog!

    Your daughter sounds a very creative soul - so glad that you are encouraging her! Even if the morning routine is a trial! ;-))
    When my daughter left sixth form, she was voted 'Individual of the Year' - she was so proud! Her teachers called her 'Pinkie' as she was notorious for wearing pink whatever the weather.

    Have fun at IKEA - I know what you mean aout the place...but sometimes needs must!....


  10. Hi Josephine! I'm so sorry that my email has been acting up. I am going to change to a new email account because I can't even log into my current one. Thanks for letting me know about the bounce backs you were getting. Your daughter sounds quite like mine. Evy must have a say in what she wears or she'll have nothing to do with it. It's a real battle sometimes. As far as Ikea, we have one here in Minneapolis, but it kind of scares me. It's truly gigantic. I wish you well and the hope that you don't get lost in it's labrynth-like interior :o)


  11. This has given me the giggles! I do, however, feel your pain! My solution, (it helped *most* of the time):D Every Sunday we would choose all the outfits for the week including all the fine gossamer needed to complete their "look". Then, using hanging shoe/accessory organizer(perhaps purchased from IKEA!) we would put the outfits into the appropriated cubby labeled for each day and one extra outfit per week they could choose an an alternate. It helped on so many levels, saving the everyday drama for something besides clothing! You are a mama after my own heart! So glad you embrace you daughters creativity. Hope this helps in some small way :D

    IKEA! I spent six hours in there my one and only time! I didn't leave empty handed. My children adore their giant blow-up hedgehog hassock-tumbler-toy-caravan-friend. o.O Good luck, wear comfortable shoes!
    Michelle Temple Forna

  12. Thanks Michelle, You are a darling. I will try to put that organized dressing into practice and see how it goes. Yes, I'm not looking forward to Ikea. Everybody I mention it to just says, NIGHTMARE! I don't understand how this could be so when it's so popular. I have the feeling I will soon find out. xx


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