Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pretty, Crafty Peppermint

One of the good things about the Blog world is that you find loads of information easily missed when you're writing at home. I hadn’t heard of Peppermint magazine until the Blogs began singing its praises, and Frankie is another I found through the online community.

I'm normally a fan of the UK mags: Red, British Vogue, Country Life are my favourites. In Australia, I love Inside Out and Country Style.

Peppermint is Australia's first eco fashion mag. It’s pretty fabbo and worth a mention. The paper, fashions spreads, crafty articles are all beautiful. The current issue is particularly impressive with the lovely Rhiannon Leifheit as its cover girl (and inside).

Rhiannon hosts one of my favourite vintage fashion Blogs, Liebmarlene Vintage, where she includes fascinating snippets of her life in Atlanta as well as her love of silent films and movie stars.

And the best thing of all about Peppermint? It donates 35 cents of every issue sold to Friends of the Earth. Definitely a magazine worth investing in!


  1. I haven't checked out Peppermint yet, but I do have a sub to Frankie. Love it!

    Hey you won a giveaway on my blog. Can you email me your addy?


  2. Hi Josephine- Sorry I have been MIA- I've been on a strict writing schedule. I love hearing about new publications and I love that Peppermint is eco-friendly... I will have to check it out!

  3. Josephine...i have an addiction to magazines and you just fed it!!!! thx! also love Frankie magazine and there is this ACE one called wooden toy (but it may only be available in melbourne).....i just found your blog (through facebook) and i love it!!!


  4. looks interesting...I like the same mags as you though I have repeatedly been disappointed with Australian Country Style the last few issues - the same old stylists makes for a boring read after a while!


  5. Thanks so much for writing about it! :)

    It's really a lovely magazine. I'll have to check out your favorite
    British magazines too . . . I feel like I don't look at the decoration
    magazines enough!


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