Friday, July 24, 2009


I'm having a lovely sunny Friday at home with Daisy. I actually feel a bit sad that our break together has come to an end. Last night I saw the Coco Chanel movie with Artschool Annie. It was much better than I had expected! It made me feel like bobbing my hair, starving myself, wearing men's clothes and smoking pensively in a corner when it was over. I may do a Blog about it next week and our silly faux pas there.

Today I thought it was time I finally passed along my Lovely Blog Awards that Sharon from Bookish Blonde presented me with a few weeks ago. Because there is hundreds of Blogs I love and I've made so many recent wonderful Blogging friends it is really impossible to choose - and so I've decided to go back in time to the oldest Blogs that I've followed. The five below are my favourite Blogs that I've followed for years. They are a variety of styles and content - but one thing they have in common is that they are all lovely and have enriched my creative spirit. My Five 'Oldies but Goodies' are:

1/ Vicki from FRENCH ESSENCE - A legend in the Blogging world, Vicki's book My French Life is one of my favourites. Her blog never fails to delight and inspire with snippets from her wonderful life in France. Vicki is not only stylish but incredibly beautifully mannered and always makes time for more humble Blogs with a kind comment. Whether she is talking about shoes, old cinemas, olives, French movies, life with her family her posts never fail to enlighten and enrich your world. I await her second book with great anticipation.

2/ Carla from CARLA LOVES PHOTOGRAPHY - An Australian girl who pursued her dreams in Italy and wrote the beautiful Italian Joy. Carla Coulson's books are all divine. I also love Paris Tango and it was Carla who photographed My French Life for Vicki Archer. Now living in Paris, Carla updates her Blog with snippets of her incredible life and adventures and you will never fail to be inspired when you visit this lovely Australian.

3/ Allison from MY COZY HOME - I have followed Allison as she recounts her domestic adventures in her cozy American home that she shares with her picture perfect family for years. I love her little Evy! Allison and I share a love of Cath Kidston, England and mysteries and I always feel as if I've visited a friend when I pop over to her cozy, adorable house! Thanks Allison for always being as charming, cozy and gorgeous as you are!

4/ Willow from LIFE AT WILLOW MANOR - Another American who records fascinating snippets on a variety of topics from her incredibly popular Blog, Life at Willow Manor. How I envy Willow her beautiful manor! Yes, even her ghost! This is an informative, uplifting Blog that runs the gauntlet from Willow's recipes, latest ghost sighting, beautiful poetry and musings on an incredible variety of topics. Willow never fails to entertain and instruct and has a most disturbing resemblance to Johnny Depp! (Actually I think more Juliette Binoche but Willow claims Johnny!)

And last but no means least

Justine Picardie from JUSTINE PICARDIE. I share a great love of Daphne du Maurier with Justine and I always find when I visit Justine's Blog that she never fails to move, entertain and inform me. Justine is a beautifully eloquent, elegant writer and this is one Blog that I've been awoken to new passions and discovered other writers thanks to Justine. I eagerly await her forthcoming biography of Coco Chanel as the ever stylish Justine will do full justice I'm sure to Coco. Thank you Justine for sharing so much of yourself and your talent through your Blog.

And there you have my Five Oldies But Goodies. Five Blogs that I've been following the longest. Through their separate efforts they have awakened me to the power of Blogging. I hope you may have found a new friend amongst my Five.

Enjoy your weekend. We have two five-year birthday parties this weekend and chores around the house that badly need doing. Wishing you a weekend of family, fun and creative pursuits aplenty. xx


  1. Dear Josephine,
    I am so touched by your words and can only reciprocate by saying that your comments on French Essence were some of my first and the most encouraging. To be an oldie and goldie in such excellent company is an honour; to be the recipient of the lovely award is wonderful. I am starting my weekend with a 'lovely' rosy glow....thank you dear 'Primrose' (you will always be a little bit Primrose to me...) xv.

  2. Josephine, I am truly honored to be among your favorites! Thank you so much for your kind words, dear friend. Can I call you that? We've only recently met, but I feel I've known you for a long while.

    Funny you should say that about Binoche. Every time WT sees her in a movie, he says she reminds him so much of me!

  3. Josephine, thank you so much!! I love it when you visit my blog - you leave such thoughtful and sincere comments. I really appreciate it and am so glad that we have met - especially considering that we are on opposite sides of the world from one another! Your blog is also so lovely. I enjoy visiting you and seeing what you've been up to. My very best to you. Thank you.


  4. Congrats to everyone and their awards!! Happy Friday and hope you have a nice weekend. :)


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