Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chit-chat Wednesday - A NIGHT AT THE OPERA

I rarely go out these days. I'm often so exhausted that a good night to me is a chapter of a book, a few rows of knitting, a cocoa and then bed with my hot water bottle under one arm. However every so often the Scribe drags me out to the Opera House to see a lovely ballet or Opera or Artschool Annie drags me to the pictures. Last night the Scribe and I were lucky enough to watch Opera Australia perform Puccini’s Manon Lescaut.

I always love a night at the Opera House. It never fails to thrill me to be inside that iconic building and rub shoulders with the fabulous, wealthy, interesting and cultured people of Sydney. The long line for the ladies is always worth peeking at shoes, handbags and stylish hairstyles. And hoping somehow just being there will mean that style will transfer to me. Last night we were two rows away from Geoffrey Robertson. Celebrity spotting is also one of my favourite things to do there. Even Daisy at four has been to see the Nutcracker at the Opera House. I would love to see every child in Australia receive a free pass to a blockbuster Opera House show. It would change many lives I'm sure!

The performance was like a fairytale, a lovely opera to see in a Hans Christian Andersen-inspired week. Plot wise, Manon doesn't make a lot of sense but there are some gorgeous scenes in Paris with a weird little bunch of dancing teachers. Manon herself isn't a likeable heroine as, say, Madame Butterfly, and you don't tend to feel a lot of emotion in the death scenes for her but it's still lovely, lovely, lovely. And Cheryl Barker who played Manon is always divine.

So my idea of a good night out is either the movies with Artschool Annie or the Opera House with the Scribe for a big blockbuster opera or ballet.

What's your idea of a good night out? Do you like culture or a packed pub with some fabbo band? Are you a cinema person or do you prefer to stay home and play Scrabble? I'd love to hear what you like to do on the nights you go out!


  1. i remember when i was very little, my mother took my sister and i to see 'swan lake' and we also went to several pantomines.....these days it's usually just out to see a band. have heaps of friends in bands so it doubles as entertainment and socialising! mostly, however, i like just going to the local pub for dinner and then relaxing at home. which probably means i've finally grown up!!!!!

  2. I am tooootally envious of your night at the opera. I love my share of opera and movies, but I am also a Scrabble player.

  3. Home with an old movie is bliss...but I could be dragged out of the house for that ballet!

    m ^..^

  4. I used to love the pub in another life, now I am with you, I love knitting and reading or a good dvd, I do like the cinema too but don't go as often as I would like but I DID actually get to Harry Potter this week yippeeee

  5. Thank you for leaving me a blog comment, as now I have found your lovely romantic blog! Like you I always seem to be tired by the time night rolls around and don't go out much these days. The opera would be bliss though:-)

  6. I am a very simple pub meal with friends kind of girl.

  7. thanks so much for your comments on Zoe's blog, she was stoked, and about Zoe on mine, she is gorgeous and if I looked like her I would have photos of myself all over my blog but it's not going to happen!!

  8. I'd never been to the opera until I was about 19-20ish. First time I went was to see Turandot in Vienna followed by Carmen the next night. My friend Sophie dragged me there and we were on our holiday and standing 'seats' were only 2 euros!!! Since then I have only seen one other -The Turning of the Screw - and that was in Salzburg (so Austria again)- it is a holiday past time it would seem! I really should go see one in London - along with a ballet too.

    I like your idea of kids getting to go - they should, perhaps when they are in their teens though? I'm not sure...I think I was taken to see the Nutcracker as a small child and I think I got very restless and then fell asleep...maybe I was too young.

    Love your cosy description about your nights in -My sort of thing too. Last night I toasted some mini pancakes, buttered them and cut up some chorizo, a mug of ginger ale and watched the very long, rather disturbing spanish film Amores Perros - 'Life's a Bitch' translated. If you particularly like dogs...don't watch it. It is rather horrible. Anyway I digress - don't want to talk about the film - it was just the act of snuggling up in bed and watching it on my new laptop which was lovely...

    Otherwise...a good night out involves food and wine in a cosy but characterful restaurant with a good friend who likes to talk - or a play. Simple eh?!

  9. I need to go to the opera. your blog is fun.

  10. Oh I am so jealous that you get to go to the famous opera house- it is so beautiful I have always wanted to go! I love opera and have been listening this week to the soundtrack to Match Point- the Woody Allen film that came out a few years ago. The soundtrack is amazing- all opera pieces. I like to listen to it while I clean- it soothes me. My idea of a fun night out? I am definitely more of an opera gal than a bar gal- now if only I can convert my husband too :)

  11. I'm still on vacation in the West but managed to connect tonight here in Boise, Idaho to check in on your recent posts.

    The Sydney Opera House is a fabulous venue, so glad you enjoyed your night out. Did you 'dress to the nines'? Bet you looked stunning. I love opera and live theatre - and dressing for a night on the town is so pleasant now that everyday life has become so casual. I have taken my granddaughter Jasmin to many Broadway plays and to local amateur theatre productions - it is something every child should experience.

    Happy days down under,
    I'll fly back to North Carolina from Salt Lake City on Thursday - had fun but home now beckons and I be glad to get there!


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