Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chit-Chat Wednesday - STICKY-BEAK TWIT

I am a sticky-beak, it's true. I'm the sort of person that, if I visit you, I love nothing more than to go through your photo albums (and even the albums of people I don't know). Perhaps that is part of my fascination with the art of story-telling, studying other human beings and their reactions to events in their lives. I'm sure all writers have a touch of sticky-beakness in them.

MySpace and Facebook were perfect vehicles for a sticky-beak such as myself where I could browse total stranger's lives. Or at least the lives they chose to portray on their sites.

I'd always promised myself I'd never join Twitter. I was already overloaded with social networking sites but this week I succumbed and I blame Kirstie Allsopp for this lapse in judgment.

I'm rather a fan of Kirstie. The lovely image above of her I swiped from the Shed UK Blog. Her shed inspired my shed. She seems to be everything I'm not. So practical, capable and fearless when it comes to real-estate and house matters. So crafty and domestic. When I read a recent article in the on-line Times that Kirstie was a big user of Twitter and was recommending it to people in place of Facebook and MySpace it was too much for this sticky-beak to resist.

And so I joined Twitter to follow Ms Allsop and was so pleased to see that she was tweeting she was off to Ikea. Aha! We did have something in common. We were both talking about Ikea in the same week!

Then I couldn't resist searching for Johnny Depp, noting he had something like 48,000 followers. I didn't add him, as much as the sticky-beak within hungered. I couldn't really see Johnny tweeting away out there. I figure he's much too cool to bother with such things. Is some little geek guy in the States pretending he's Johnny whilst 48,000 followers hang on every tweet? Why Johnny would be tweeting about Susan Boyle makes it even more difficult to believe. Just call me a sticky-beak sceptic.

I've yet to work out the mystery of Twitter. I thought it would be simple and in some ways it does seem cleaner and less cluttered than Facebook or MySpace.

I admire the Scribe because he's so far resisted having any social networking at all. He's watched me with a mixture of pity and amusement as gradually I've added one thing after another.

I cannot believe that we're nearly through one week of the school holidays already. Daisy and I have been having a lovely time at home doing craft, baking, making huge messes and reading Enid Blyton.

She has told me she doesn't want to go anywhere, she wants to stay home and 'relax'. That suits me fine. However, not much editing done this week, alas. The school holidays are always so difficult with writing. I can only grab snatches throughout the day. Today I'm waiting on the floorboards man to arrive to discuss stains and quotes.

Hope your week is a brilliant one and if you are on Twitter please follow me! My profile is looking quite dismal next to Kirstie’s.


  1. I've been resisting Twitter, too. So, now I'll be watching to see how you like it and if you stick with it. Hmmm.

  2. I don't like Twitter. But I like you, so who knows. I also like clutter. Nana's place was cluttered- full of magical nooks and crannies, lace and music boxes and porcelein, dank chills but pretty smells...

    Reminds me of a time when the nightmare had not yet begin.

    Come to think of it that might be why I like it here...

  3. I have resisted the urge! And Face Book and My Space and Bebo etc: Bogging wears me out as it is, but I know what you mean, when everyone is talking about Twitter.

    Ye, I'll wait and see what you make of it. I laughed when you said it was because of Kirsty Allsop, then hopped straight to Johnny Depp. lol
    Johnny's a bit of a recluse I hear, so may well be some spotty teenager from some movie marketing department making up the tweets. lol Hey, there is entertainment value.

    Anyway, keep us old fashioned bloggers informed. xx

  4. Nanna's place sounds lovely mandingo. I think I would be at home there. I'm still trying to track down Mirka Mora's book Love and Clutter.
    Sharon - I will let you know how it all goes. I am taking the Blog six months at a time and will continue it as long as I'm happy. I don't want to lost too much 'real' writing time as time is scanty enough as it is! xx

  5. I love that massive "K" on the shed. As far as Twitter etc is concerned. I have no interest nor time for such things.

  6. LOL @ your Johnny Depp statements. LOVE him!

    I am on facebook, but not twitter. I think FB and blogger is more than enough for this girl to handle right now! :)

  7. Amelia, I think you have more than enough of your plate girl! And you as well, Simone! Blogs take up more than enough time. xx


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