Friday, July 17, 2009

Fabbo Friday - The Magic Faraway Tree

Seeing as this was Enid week, I couldn't resist showing you my daughter's favourite copy of The Magic Faraway Tree. It really does have beautiful illustrations in it and although a little later than the versions I normally like to collect, it's a beautiful copy. When we get to the end she always wants us to start again which is such a homage to Enid.
Totally knackered tonight as we have just returned from a very long day in the Blue Mountains where we visited a gorgeous vintage toy museum. I'll probably Blog about this next week as it was such a special place. I did have good intentions of posting my 5 Lovely Blog awards tonight but it looks as if I'll have to do that over the weekend. We had a splendid day in the mountains. As usual I want to sell up and move to a little mountain cottage with a fairy-tale garden. I picked up every real-estate guide in Leura. The air is so wonderful and icy in the mountains! It was quite flattening to arrive back in Sydney to peak hour commuters.
Hope your weekend is totally fabbo. We have another child's birthday party and yet another painter coming early tomorrow. Busy as happy buzzing bees! Stay jolly, creative and may every second of your weekend be as magical as an Enid Blyton story. xx


  1. Hi Josephine, You've just Blogged about 2 of my favourite things! As a girl I loved Enid Blyton and The Faraway Tree. As an Ex-Sydneyite, one of my favourite places on the Planet is the gorgeous Blue Mountains. Thanx for all.

  2. oo just stumbled onto your blog -I love the layout..,going to have a little snoop me thinks...

  3. I adore children's books, so much so, that I couldn't bear to pack them away, when they outgrew them. They're still all here on the first shelf of my personal library. I even treat myself to a new one, now and then.

  4. The first book I ever read was Enid Blyton's The Stalk of The Faraway tree when I was 5. I used to love all the quirky characters - Dame Washalot, Saucepan Man, Moon-face, Silky - and wished I lived in a place like the kids where I could climb up a tree which had a magic land at the top! Reading your post about The Faraway tree made me remember my childhood days - so I'm following you right away!

    I mostly write short stories and poems in my blog - you're welcome to check it out if you've time!


  5. Yes, me too ... a dream of a little mountain cottage, Shetland ponies, vegetable patch, chickens ...

    Looking forward to hearing about the vintage toy museum ... :)

  6. I have not heard of the The Magic Faraway Tree. I think I am going to check it out. Seriously! I have been going to the library alot more lately. :)

    Happy Friday!

  7. Good childrens books with wonderful illustrations are to be cherished. They leave quite an impression in a young mind and imagination and help shape the person or kindle the creative sparks.

  8. Hiya Josephine,

    Just wanted to say a quick hello and a hi to Miss Daisy!!!! Thinking of you!!! Hopefully coming up to Sydney for a week at christmas to stay at Dazzas and mind his doggies whilst he goes away!!!!
    Just read Mo's Pig Island,have you read that one? Freaky stuff!!!! Couldnt out it down,now have to get a copy of skin!!!!

    Talk soon!

    Les xxxx

  9. Oh this is my favourite version! I made up a set of them from op shop searches and have just finished reading them to my two boys - they still have the ability to capture a child's imagination like no other books, Enid Blyton is the best! x

  10. I have the same Blue mountains fantasy J, there is magic up there

  11. Allison, I agree that Enid is the best and that book is beautiful Daisy cannot get enough of it! I wish I could find a Far Away frieze for her bedroom.
    Gondal-girl, that is a lovely way to phrase it. There does seem to be magic in the mountains. I do love the sea but the gardens and climate of the mountains is just so perfect.
    Lovely comment, Gary and so true. We really are so influenced by our childhood surroundings and what feeds our imagination at that impressionable age.
    Roy and Curious Cat, I have checked out your sites and enjoyed them both. Thanks for visiting me!
    Karen, so pleased I was able to make you happy with the one brief post!
    Sharon, I love the idea of Shetland ponies and a little fairytale cottage. Vegetables, roses (sigh)
    Amelia, do yourself a favour and track them down. They are such healing, fun, perfect books.
    Willow, I am exactly the same! I collect children's books both vintage and new. Such comfort food for the soul.
    Lesley, always good to hear from the Pink Princess. I left you a comment on your pink and beautiful site. xx

  12. Love the front cover. How wonderful for having to "start again" after this book is finished.


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