Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chit-chat Wednesday - And the award goes to...

Thanks for popping in. We are frantically busy this week preparing to move to our summer location for six weeks whilst the remainder of our renovation work is done on our little cottage. I had to mention amongst all the packing, de-cluttering, and madness that Tale Peddler has won another award! Thank you very much to my lovely UK Blogging pal, The Curious Cat (who looks rather fetching in a shower hat) and who has presented me with the Honest Scrap award.
The award tradition is that I now list ten honest scrap things about myself and pass the award to ten other Bloggers I love. Big breath and here we go:
1/ All the characters in my fantasy trilogy had parts of myself, but the one I related to the most was the Winski who records the story of his tribe. My friends often think it was the soap-star wannabe actress (huh!) but it was the Winski who was my alter-ego.
2/ I am phone-phobic and hate talking on the phone.
3/ I attend Catholic Mass on a regular basis and I collect Mary statues. My witchy friends don't understand my interest with the church. But you can't please everybody.
4/ I hate making small talk and I'm hopeless in social situations (the Scribe totally disagrees here!).
5/ I live in the inner-city but at heart I'm a country girl and could happily live in the country if the Scribe could get work there.
6/ I am borderline Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by my own diagnosis in the way I like to clip newspaper items that interest me. The Scribe forced me to throw away a lot of my 'interest' when he put them all together and they took up a quarter of a room. I have a lot of interests. But I do get loads of story and book ideas from newspapers and magazines.
7/ I am a total homebody. I love being at home pottering around and have to be prised out.
8/ I believe in ghosts. I have seen a ghost which convinced me of other realities.
9/ I love writing crime and mystery but also fantasy and I'm often torn between the two. I have so many stories going in my head that it really is overwhelming at times.
10/ I started Tale Peddler to distract myself from a situation that is happening in my life. So far it hasn't worked but I've met a lot of fabbo people and made good blogging pals.

And my ten Blogs to pass the Honest Scrap Award to are:

1/ Owl In The Dark - Totally magical, transformative and beautiful. You have to experience it rather than have it explained! The little owl who keeps it sees ghosts and talks to furniture. Visiting her is rather like entering a beautiful, strange fairytale. She also has an extraordinary knitting blog.
2/Bookish Blonde- I always get a laugh from Sharon with her musings on men, life and writing.
3 What Kate Did Next- Terrific Blog which combines art, writing and motherhood with beautifully written posts.
4 Chez Pinry Another mother (of twins no less, and a four-year-old). Has lovely crafty posts and pics. Well deserving of any award and medal in my book.
5 The Machinist's Wife- Helen blogs about her family, interests and setting up a pie shop in a small Australian town. Being a pie lover, I love Helen.
6 Beach Vintage- Simone is a bit of a legend with all her Bloggy awards but she deserves every one of them. If you like vintage, beachy posts then Simon's Blog is sure to delight. Best of all: she includes tips on how to achieve her brilliant ideas.
7 The Lark - The lovely Allison, a very clever and crafty lady, blogs about her vintage-inspired business and her family from her pretty country town of Daylesford. Allison's collection of vintage Ladybird books is enough to make me fall in love alone.
8 La Belette Rouge - Thoughtful, intelligent, stylish and literary Blog with a variety of topics about life in LA. Definitely worth a visit. Another one to experience rather than explain. I recently contributed as a guest blogger to her Home section, writing about our Little Brick Cottage.
9 The Daily Connoisseur- Lovely Jennifer has a very stylish Blog with an arty twist. Another mystery book lover with beautiful manners and style. Jennifer's blog is about living your highest life possible.
10 Suzy's Vintage Attic- A new Blog to me which has totally captivated me with its charming and nostalgic feel. I think Isabelle and I have a lot in common with our love of vintage and Miss Marple. I adore Isabelle's posts which contain mouthwatering photos of England, her lovely home and charming daughter.

And there you have it! Quite an eclectic mix. Hopefully you will find some new friends and inspiration amongst these fabbo and lovely people. Do pay them a visit and let them know the Tale Peddler sent you! xx

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  1. Oh sweety Josephine thanks so much for this award, I accept and will add you to this award link. Many thanks again - Simone

  2. thank you so much for this award! totally unexpected!! i'm so delighted, and i consider this a huge compliment as i love visiting tale peddlar and seeing whar riches you will present us with next.

  3. ooo I like your top ten things and I can't wait to go exploring the other blogs...

    Mary statues - I had a mini fascination that lasted a little while at uni - though I never actually bought any...

    Newspaper clippings - what a good idea - I'm always saving links to online mags for research and reference but I should do it more often!

    Ghosts - oooo want to hear the story - I love ghost stories - almost finished my first one!!! I've got loads of stories from friends that I will have to share one day but I've never seen a ghost - I really want to though!

    I think I'm a little OCD...

    And the last point...hmm...I hope you do get a little relief/distraction? I hope you are okay and that the situation will sort itself out soon? Writing can be a good form of escapism sometimes but I realise that whatever it is, you can't completely block it out. At least you have made some new friends though to help lighten your day! :) xxx

  4. PS Hmm...can't seem to access the blog links!!! :( xxx

  5. Sorry Curious Cat! (Trust you to be the curious one!) I'll have to look at what I've messed up tomorrow there. Normal Transmission will resume. We are moving tomorrow so hopefully will find time. I'm so bad at technical things! Hold that curious nature!
    Pinry, you beat me to it! I had all good intentions of telling you first!
    Simone, your Blog is always a joy to visit. xx

  6. I have fixed Miss Cat! Forgive me my L plate Blogging. I am still learning. xx

  7. Dearest Josephine. Thank you so much for this award... it is such an honor! I am beaming from ear to ear :)

    I loved reading these honest comments about you and agree with the other bloggers that we need to hear this ghost story soon!

    Also I am dying to read your books. When will they be avaialable for purchase in America? Your characters sound fascinating...

  8. Thank you so much for that incredibly kind shout out. I am honored to receive this award from gorgeous you. I love learning more about you. Like you, I am a homebody ( even though I am feeling slightly homeless these days) and my book that I am working on is filled with ghosts( not the kind that go boo, rather the ghosts of memory) and I am hopeless at small talk.

    I hope that situation that requires distraction soon resolves itself as long as you promise not to quit blogging when it is resolved.;-)

    I look forward to discovering the blogs of my fellow honorees.
    Thanks, dear you!

  9. Hello Josephine
    Thank you so much for your award! I am really touched by what you have said. I agree with you about having a lot in common. As I read the things about yourself I found myself nodding as some of them apply to me too! I believe in ghosts and that is why I don't think about them as I feel they will become more aware of me if I do...I have sensed presences and it has spooked me!
    Well done on your award.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  10. oh, thank you ever so much for the empathy. all you said it's true, and what i can hope for, is that time will ease the pain. i really believe it will.

    congratulations on the award! :) much love <3

  11. Thank you so much, I am thrilled!

    Allison x

  12. thanks for sharing, Josephine....we all heart you even more now!!!!!
    can't wait to go visit all your blogger friends.....

  13. Hi Josephine - thank you so much, I'm really touched. Once the dust has settled on the new book I shall put up a post and links. Very glad to have found a kindred spirit down under xxx

  14. Well deserved, Josephine. I was happy to see that I'm not alone when it comes to disliking chatting on the phone, hate small talk, also a homebody (although I love to travel but not do social things much)and having a bit of OCD.
    I hope you can free yourslef of the mentioned situation.
    Your comments on my latest blog post meant a lot. They touched a certain nerve because there was always a chance that I could have met the brother or sister I "thought I never had". . .perhaps I may get into that on another post someday.
    Thanks for your time.
    Soon again

  15. Congrats to the recipients!! :)

  16. Thank you again, Josephine for the award and your little introduction. Loved reading your ten 'honest things'. I know how difficult it is to think of 'honest things' that is also interesting to others.

    You nailed it. You are a fasinating character Ms Tale peddlar. xxx


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