Monday, September 14, 2009

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and HERCULE POIROT

Although Miss Marple remains my favourite Christie detective, Hercule Poirot the Belgian detective gives the spinster a run for her money. He is everything I am not - organized, methodical, with a tendency to use intellect over heart and emotions. Add his wonderful, immaculate Art Deco apartment (no dust! Perfect symmetry). I long to be Poirot at times, living in such an orderly world. I suspect we do however have a touch of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in common. The Queen of Crime may have tired of her famous creation, finding him 'insufferable', but I feel his popularity is a testament to Agatha's skill in creating characters that we can relate to. I remember weeping my way through Curtain: Poirot's Last Case; even the New York Times published a front-page obituary for the little detective. In a recent poll at the official Agatha Christie website, Hercule Poirot topped Miss Marple.
And it goes without saying that David Suchet is my favourite Poirot of all time. He is Hercule Poirot!
And so for Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday, let us throw our top hats into the air, polish up our intellect, ensure all items around us are placed in pleasing order and give three loud cheers for Hercule Poirot and his little grey cells!
"I am Hercule Poirot and I know."
Death in the Clouds

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  1. I love David Suchet. WT brought home several epidsodes of Poirot from the library a few weeks ago, which was such a treat, since I hadn't seen it in ages.

  2. Just realized you have been posting this month - for some reason they weren't showing up - so I'm catching up.

    Condolences on the passing of your Grandfather - he was definitely a character and will be missed.
    Your new shed is cute as a button - you will find it so useful as I do my potting shed. We had to remove a HUGE oak to build the gazebo a few years back - like you I felt terrible, however it was dangerous and we'd already had three others crash through our roof and on my car in Hurricane Fran in '96!!!

    Agatha Christie grew up in my hometown in England - my dad went roller skating on the old wood pier at the harbor with her. There's a lovely statue of her there now. Her estate Greenway, on the nearby River Dart, has just been opened to the public as a National Trust property - next time I'm home it will be on my list to visit.

    Have a wonderful Spring - we are awaiting the cooler days of Autumn here! Your sweet daughter looks ready for the Spring/Summer days in her pretty sundress.

    Hugs - Mary

  3. Did he die in one of his books? I hope it was with dignity and not a murder! xxx

  4. Bravo for Hercule Poirot Josephine - I will toast to that, xv.

  5. Hello Josephine
    Aah the great Hercule Poirot! He is such an interesting and strong character, he would be on my guest list at a dinner. I love his ways and his pride in everything that he does. I find it funny that he is not modest. It was good to pair him up with someone like Captain Hastings as his side quick. A funny combination.
    Being half Belgian maybe I appreciate him a bit more or it?
    An enjoyable post about one of my favourite TV characters!
    David Suchet is excellent in the role. I cannot imagine anyone else being as good or better.
    I have watched the new Miss Marple and although she is better than I had expected, she is still not Joan Hickson who still remains my favourite.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  6. We just recently started watching Poirot and we are addicted. With each episode our grey cells grow smarter and smarter.;-)

  7. Josephine- You and I are on the same wavelength. We are both blogging about Agatha Christie today! Hercule Poirot is my favorite character. I also aspire to live like him and in my part of my life I already do- save for my ridiculously messy and unorganized office. I really need to get it sorted out. Poirot would be ashamed!

  8. Any excuse to open a bottle of bubbly. I had no idea of this man so thanks for sharing this story.

  9. Josephine, I, too prefer miss Marple, but Hercule is so lovable. I remember reading Death in the Clouds in large print, after mam had finished with it. The 'bumble bee' on the plane, eh? Or not...
    The scariest one to me was "By the pricking of my thumbs". The movie was on last night, but I couldn't ask the Machinist to watch it yet again... Thanks for the trip into Christieland!

  10. Willow, I have an entire collection of Poirot DVDs and love them all. Mary, it's always lovely to hear from you. How fascinating to hear about your father growing up with Agatha. I have Greenway on my must see list when I return to England. Curious Cat, always the curious one! You have to read Curtain to find out. I am not giving anything away! Cin, cin to you Vicki. Hello Isabelle. I am sure being half Belgian would make you love Poirot even more. He is always so proud he is Belgian isn't he? And yes, I would love him at a dinner party except then somebody might be killed...
    I have yet to see the new Miss Marple but she has a lot to live up to with Joan. Belette, you must indeed be of genius status now as your grey cells were already pretty smart! Simone, I am always chuffed to introduce something new to somebody. Poirot in books or DVD make perfect viewing on cozy days. Helen, I want to reread all my old Agathas as the movies have taken over a bit. xx

  11. ah! nothing like a mystery and a cup of tea!
    when i moved to england i got totally into it heh heh heh
    hearts and fairy wishes xoxo ♥ xoxo

  12. I really learn so much from your blog. I have not heard of Hercule Poirot. I am going to go check out more about him! :)

  13. Sophia, I am delighted to introduce you to Hercule Poirot. I think he would be most put out that you had not heard of him however. He is not known for his modesty. And sweet magical Mouse. I agree there is no finer thing than a cup of tea and a mystery. Fairy loving back to you. xx


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