Friday, September 11, 2009

Fabbo Friday and THE BIRTH OF OUR SHED

To build our shed we had to sacrifice one of the large palm trees in our courtyard, a decision we didn't take lightly. I'm a person who finds it difficult to pick flowers; the thought of taking out a tree which we had planted from a teeny pot was anathema to me. I agonized over this for a couple of years and it was one of the reasons we had put off building the shed despite badly needing the space.
We even had an arborist assess the situation. He thought we were mad to worry and bluntly told us to 'pull the bloody thing out, they grow like wildfire here and it's ruining your tea-tree at the top.' We also have the loveliest native tea-tree in our little courtyard, which attracts a lot of bird life. Finally after much weeping, gnashing of teeth and - I'll whisper this bit, 'talking and apologizing to the tree' - we cut it down.
After years of the emotional build-up it was amazing how it was far easier than we had expected. We did manage to save a part of the tree to replant and hopefully he'll live on behind our shed to grow just as big and strong. The tea-tree looks happier already now he's not in a duel with the palm and all is well at Little Brick garden. Here is a photo of Daisy posing on the stumps of the palm.
And - the beginnings of the shed! Yes, it still has to be painted and prettified, but we have electricity and a structure happening. There is a shed.
It's odd how some things in your life assume a massive importance and you worry and fret over them for years and then it turns into nothing. In my experience, it's the things you don't worry about that tend to reach out and grab you by the throat when you least expect it.
We have had a massive few days moving half our house to our beach residence whilst the Scribe's parents are on holidays. We will stay here by the seaside whilst the painting and floorboards are done in Little Brick.
Enjoy your weekend and I hope that it is a creative and restful time for you. xx


  1. Aww! Daisy is cute as a button. Is she singing Skid-a-ma-rink? The shed is awfully cute, as well!

  2. Well, would you just look at that Daisy! Beautiful little goil! She obviously got it from her mamma.

    Heyup, what are you going to be doing/ putting in the shed? It looks so cute already, I can just imagine a couple of comfy armchairs in there with a table, and possibly a fridge for you and the scribe..

    I also don't like picking flowers and cutting down trees, and like you have done - if we just have to chop something down, I cut off a piece and grow it either in water, or root hormone powder.

  3. Daisy is ADORABLE! What a cute picture! I feel the same way about trees. I have no problem cutting flowers though, for some reason. When I was growing up and the tree outside my house had to be cut down I cried fitfully and begged them not to do it! So I completely understand...

    And as for talking to trees? I've done that before- I even sneak a hug in every now and then when no one is looking :)

  4. I have never seen such a cute shed or Daisy!
    Hope you have a lovely and restful weekend.

  5. Looks like you found the perfect solution then, you get the shed, and with a little tender loving care the tree can grow back behind it, and the tea tree gains freedom... everyone's happy, right ?! And with a little luck none of them will blow over in a storm on the shed ! Nor on the house...

  6. daisy is so sweet, and your shed looks so charming already. you were brave to tackle your tree-removal reticence... hope you enjoy your seaside soujourn, sounds heavenly! jx

  7. Daisy is absolutely adorable! Cute! Cute! :) And love that shed (even though you had to make a sacrifice) Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Hello Josephine

    I agree it does tend to be the things that we don't worry too much about that sometimes turn out to be the ones we should be paying more attention too. I am sure that the shed will be of great use to you. We have 2 trees nearby which are going to have to be cut down as they could end affecting our house. The trouble is that they belong to a neighbour..I don't want the trees to be cut but it's them or our foundations being affected! Not decisions that you like having to take is it..
    Daisy is so sweet! I love the little blue dress.
    I hope that you have had a good weekend
    Isabelle x

  9. I am so glad that there is someone else out there who gets upset about hurting plants! But Josephine, the shed is adorable.

  10. I completely understand where you are coming from concerning the tree - it is hard! I felt so sad to discover someone had uprooted our cherry blossom tree from our old house recently to build a bigger drive - and no they didn't really need it!!! Poor tree. At least yours has a second chance and the other tree will be happier AND you get your shed - everyone is happy!!! xxx

  11. I feel as you do about trees ... they have feelings too :) But it's good to know that everything is working out for everyone (trees included).


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