Monday, September 28, 2009

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and JOHNNY DEPP

This is one Monday post when I shouldn't really have to say anything except two words - Johnny Depp – and, like the Buddha holding up a Lotus leaf, we all nod and just get it.

However, I'm a tale peddler and words are my passion and joy. What inspires me about Johnny Depp? There are times I wish I didn't love him so much as it seems the entire world shares my feelings and I'd like to be original. Whether I am talking to grannies, schoolchildren, preschool teachers, males or females - mention Johnny and people light up.

To me he has the charisma and presence of the old-time movie actors like Clark Gable. I can honestly say that if George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise walked into my house (such an unlikely scenario I feel confident swearing to this) they wouldn't rate a second glance from me. I'd politely usher them out the door and go back to my book.

But Johnny looks like a person I'd love to hang out with. I'd like to see bands, discuss parenting, talk poetry and silly stuff. I'd like to see him pursue his creative passions like painting, writing and music as I think the results would be really interesting. He's a family guy. He loves his mother, his wife and his children. He has substance, humility and a purity of spirit. He's not some boring pretty-face male actor attending premieres, puffed out with his own ego.

No, Johnny has artistic integrity, choosing films that appeal to him instead of relying on mass-market crappo films or a pretty face and playing the Hollywood game.

And he's a humanitarian. Our hero gives a lot of money to charity whilst insisting his contributions remain private. His kindness on set to all the 'underlings' has often been commented upon in the media.

And so for Magnificent, Marvellous Mighty Monday let us reflect on the Magnificence of the quirky, softly-spoken, talented and super cool Johnny Depp! May the example that he gives us by being true to himself inspire our own craft! Hurrah, Hurrah for Johnny Depp!

I'm shy, paranoid, whatever word you want to use. I hate fame. I've done everything I can to avoid it.
Johnny Depp

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  1. mmmm I LOVE Johnny Depp he is delicious. I am sorry to say Josephine I checked the tv guide for Mad Men and it's not in it I don't know what is going on it has disappeared from Google as well as starting on the 29th, I have emailed SBS but I am so sorry I got your hopes up you may have to buy it afterall so sorry

  2. Hello Josephine

    I couldn't agree with you more. He is a very good actor who as you say has substance.I admire him for a being a family man and for choosing films he likes, not being afaraid of making himself looks weird or ugly for the part. He is good looking but not vain. I don't know him at all but he always gives a good impression and seems a genuine easy going person. The kind you could feel at ease with. If only more actors could be more like him.
    Josephesine, you have great taste!
    Isabelle x

  3. Johnny Depp is AMAZING. I never used to get it as a teenager but now I so do. He has an intelligence that all the others seem to lack. He is a genius and he is so diverse and talented. I think a lot of what he does is for the love of it rather than the fame and the money. He seems so much more sincere... xxx

  4. You are exactly right. He's a master at working his craft, not just a movie star.

    (Of course you know I love this post!!!)

  5. Hurrah! I ADORE Johnny Depp. You are so right about his charisma... it is intoxicating! I also recently read that he and the cast of Public Enemies went out to dinner in Chicago and stayed really late (3 hours after the restaurant was scheduled to close) so to thank his waiter he gave him an enormous tip (It was $500 or $5,000... can't remember which lol but the point is that he is a class act!) xo

  6. Hi Josephine~ This is my first visit. I love your blog, it's great!

    I don't usually promote what I've posted but this is all about may enjoy this post from a few weeks ago.

    He is so great and you spoke of all those great qualities that we so admire in him.


  7. i love the story about you swimming with dolphins!
    it is soooo magical and special.
    it stayed with me on my vacation..
    when i was in the sea.. i imagined it!
    id love to hear more of it.
    you should post it on your blog in its entirety
    like.. every single thing you thought and saw.
    (sorry if youve already done this.. ive been
    out of the loop for a week!)
    ♥ xoxo ♥

    ps.. i once swam with johnny depp!!!!!!
    KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha

  8. All hail the mighty Johnny!!! He's on my fantasy dinner party list!

    I think he sounds like a wonderful man, and I admire all the qualities in him that you mentioned. Swoon!! :) xxx

  9. Oh what a great choice for your marvelous monday!! I love Johnny Depp, ever since 21 Jump Street days and Edward Scissorhands:)
    He is definitely on a league of his own!!

    Hope you're having a wonderful week so far:)

  10. Gorrrrrrrrrggggggggggeous... I am with you Johnny has the kind of face that a photographer dreams of finding. All those angles and so much beauty. Thanks for sending the Johnny vibes over the sea. Carla

  11. I agree, Josephine, we must be sisters! Oh and I so loved that you wrote what you did about George Clooney and Brad Pitt, and in the very same order! That was great!

    I also agree there is no use fighting the Johnny thing! It just IS!

    Thank you for your kind words. I just checked out your website. You are also a talented artist and writer! I will have to check out your books.

    I am now a follower!
    Have a great week~

  12. Not only do I 'know' some awesome Bloggers they also have incredible taste! Carla, can't you get a job shooting Johnny for a forthcoming book? Linda, no problem about the Mad Men. Keep me posted if you see it again. Jennifer, as if the staff NEED a tip when they have already got to meet Johnny Depp. I would have worked those tables for free! Calli, good to meet a kindred Depp lover.
    Green Ink, I would also love Johnny Depp as a dinner guest. He can even bring his kids and wife and Tim and Helena. Sher, you're going right back there my love with Depp memories but I'm with you all the way. Mouse, you are so magical, beautiful and incredible I almost believed you did swim with Johnny. I will post the full story on my dolphin experience soon, I promise. Isabelle, I am sure you would agree he has that old time movie charisma.


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