Monday, September 7, 2009

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and Miss Marple!

The 13th to 20th of September is Agatha Christie week in the UK, which coincides with the Queen of Crime's birthday. There is a host of things happening such as John Curran's wonderful new book, Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks. And most exciting of all, actors in period costume will act out a murder on the Orient Express. To celebrate at Tale Peddler for the next couple of weeks, my Monday posts will feature my two favourite detectives from the devious mind of the Queen of Crime.
Jane Marple has to be one of my very favourite literary characters of all time. I admire the surreal juxtaposition of the frail, seemingly helpless old lady who conceals her razor sharp mind and acute grasp of human psychology under her seemingly genial, aged veneer. I love the way St Mary Mead becomes a microcosm of the macrocosm and how Miss Marple from cool and careful observations of her maids and neighbours can see the dark heart of those foolish enough to commit murder near the spinster.
I have long harboured a desire to be Miss Marple. If she didn't enjoy detective work so much her analytic nature would have made her an excellent writer. She is a feminist icon to me. Fiercely independent and rising above the mindset of age, she beats the male professionals surrounding her at their own game. She defies all stereotypes; another trait I admire.
My very favourite actress who portrays her is the wonderful Joan Hickson.
What's not to love about Miss Marple? She knits, she has a pretty face, a romantic heart, she's cozy, keeps an immaculate house and loves her beautiful garden - when she's not pruning her roses she solves murders most bloody and foul in an always genteel, dignified manner.
And so for Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday let us raise our knitting needles in the air and click them madly giving three cheers for Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Marple!

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  1. Ah I need to read more Christie...! She is amazing-I should give the TV series a go sometime too... I'm glad the award brought a bit of colour to your day - that makes me happy! Could you possibly send me the links to those other blogs? I'm intrigued to find out more! My blog list is getting a bit long though - there are too many good ones out there! xxx

  2. Agatha Cristie week? Who knew? I'll have to admit, I've never actually read any of the books.

  3. Amazing stuff, I will go grab my knitting needles now!

  4. You and I share a love of Agatha Christie. I just read her unauthorized biography by Richard Hack and was so moved to find out about her personal life! Growing up I loved Miss Marple the most but as time went on I have grown a fondness for Hercule Poirot that rivals no other character she's created... Have you ever read her Harley Quin mysteries? Those are amazing too...

  5. Jennifer, I would have read those books when I was younger but will have to go back to them now. I am going to start collecting the Fontana copies I used to have. Wasn't Harley Quin her favourite character?
    Simone, I will click along with you happily.
    Willow, get cracking. They make great chilly weather reads.
    Curious Cat, I will post the links here on my Wednesday post. I agree, there are too many fabbo people Blogging! I can't keep up to them all! xx

  6. Brilliant post! So beautifully and accurately described! I have always wished that I could be like Miss Marple when I reach that age and/or have a neighbour or friend like Miss Marple. She would be such an interesting person to know. You could learn a lot from someone like her. I have subscribed to the Agatha Christie website's newsletters and it so interesting to here all about the events coming and news books. The one you mention is on my list. Before I buy it, I want to finish the book that I bought about Agatha Christie. It is such an interesting book.
    I look forward to your other Agatha Christie posts!
    Isabelle x

  7. Thank you Isabelle for your visit and comment. I too receive the Agatha Christie newsletters. I wish I could be in England for the celebrations. And I agree that you would learn a lot from Miss Marple. xx

  8. I am so behind the times - I wasn't aware of Agatha Christie week. It's weird how we both grew up loving and being influenced by the same authors, first Enid Blyton, then moving to Agatha Christie. My down fall (or not) was my next reading development stage, that being crime and horror eg James Herbert and Dean Kootz. Authors do have a very important role to play in the world.

    I am intrigued by the new book of Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks.

    And, thank you so much for the award coming on Wednesday. I am chuffed! xxx

  9. Sharon, I also went down the James Herbert and Stephen King track. Actually I still am a bit down that dark path as well! xx

  10. Oh, I've never been an Agatha Christie fan but I totally got caught up watching the Miss Marple movies on our public broadcast station this summer. I LOVED them!
    Thanks for the sweet comment last week. I have to say that I think most of my creativity has come from being with my kids. They are always inspiring me. Always giving me such great ideas.
    The Message Bible is just a version of the regular Bible but it is written in modern language and so much more poetic. Reading it is like sitting down with a wise friend who is full of love and grace and offering words of wisdom in this life that can be a little daunting and confusing at times..
    I have this hot pink one which makes even more fun to read

    hope you are having a great week!


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