Friday, September 25, 2009

Fabbo Friday and Fab and fun things I love

How is your week? I've been hectic but still have found time to listen to the birds and make up pixie stories with my daughter.

Daisy's bedroom is coming along well and the horrid, drab blue is now a lovelier shade of pink. I'll post some pics soon. Here are a few things that I've found fab and fun this week:

Cath Kidston: I've been in a state of trance going through her latest catalogue. I imagine heaven must be decorated with prints and fabrics by Cath. I just have to convince the Scribe that wallpaper is a good idea in a house we have to resell...

Country Style: Loving this fab issue of Australian Country Style with the very fab Allison Jones of Lark. It is great to read behind the scenes of how Allison and her husband Paul decided to move from their 16th-century house in Cambridge (UK) to Daylesford, a pretty village near Melbourne (Australia). I love Allison's style with her vintage-inspired furnishings.

Revlon Red: There's something so retro to me with Revlon nail varnishes. They are terrific value for the depth of colour and last longer than a lot of more expensive brands. As a teenager I thought my Aunt was the height of glamour when she was painting her nails with Revlon. Revlon Red is my favourite for toes at the moment. Hope your weekend is relaxing and fun. We will still be travelling between two houses with ballet and two birthday parties but I'm planning to spend some time with my Cath Kidston and Country Style.

Thanks to all who popped in this week. And I'll leave you with the image of how the backyard looked when the dust storms hit Sydney on Wednesday,


image of nail varnish:
image of Allison Jones:


  1. Hello Josephine

    I share of your love of all these things!!! We are smilar! ;-)
    What a pity that CK is not in Australia, maybe one day. Are you able to do mail order or to you have to rely on Ebay to get CK things?I love the nail varnish but I have very small hands and nails, only pale varnish looks right on me.
    What an eerie picture, how strange it must be to look out of your window and see that sky..
    I hope it all clears up very soon.

    Have a great weekend
    Isabelle x

  2. It has been a crazy week here as well. I am also decorating my daughters room, it has been a long time coming! Wendy Darling's nursery is my inspiration... with much of my Nen's input, it is coming along sweetly. I'll post on my facebook when completed.
    I have also fallen completely in love with the music of Lisa Hannigan ( an amazing little band from Portland, Oregon called The Underscore Orkestra (
    I have a feeling you will love them both upon taking a listen! I was fortunate enough to see the Underscore Orkestra last night in Hartford, Ct. It was a blast!

    Love the photo of your sand storm! You know, I think your yellow sky reached us the other morning! It was such a strange color when I woke up, could not imagine what it was...but after seeing your photo, I have a feeling it was an after effect! Have a great week! XO M

  3. there is something very dazzling about red nails isn't there?! they cannot help but catch the eye! I feel inspired to go away and paint my nails now! :)

    Great photo of the dust! Has it abated yet? xxx

  4. at first i thought the iconic hills hoist was going to be one of the fab things! that is an eerily beautiful photo, i almost expected to see tracey moffat hanging out the washing in a vintage frock ... hope you have a relaxing weekend x

  5. I love Cath Kidston! I always pop in her shop on the King's Road whenever I am in London... her style is so vintage and girly! I would love to get her catalogue but she is not in the States. My mother-in-law gave me this great apron for of hers- it's blue with red roses (I'm sure you know the fabric). I wear it every day when I am cooking dinner and feel very glamorous... Have a great weekend!

  6. Darling, my week was hectic and I am so glad that it is over. Looks like Daisy and I are both going to have pink rooms!! I decided to paint my studio//office pink, a soft shade of pink of course I will turn to Cath for the correct shade of pink. I just purchased three little tins, pins, buttons and threads...they are adorable. Have a wonderful weekend darling.

    Love Duchess

  7. You must get wallpaper, we've used it in the last two houses we've sold and it's been a big selling point. Just don't use anything too wacky, and maybe just do feature walls rather than a whole room! x

  8. thank you so so much for the lovely comment and encouragements :) i never thought of trees as witches's arms reaching to the sky, it's such a beautiful view. i too love that shade of nailpolish, it's wonderful! it pops and it's so elegant. much love <3

  9. Love the photos and information you shared to go with them. You have great taste! And I cannot wait to see Daisy's finished room. Ohh lalala :)

  10. I love Allisons house too. Wonderful. And the Cath Kidston catalogue, how can I get my hands on one???

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  12. the dust storm looked like the most eeriest thing!!! just crazy stuff!!! I do wish we had CK here in Australia there is something so very pretty and also comforting about her fabrics I adore


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