Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chit-chat Wednesday - Curiouser and Curiouser - The Blustery Day

We were awoken around 6.30 am by our daughter peering out the bedroom window. "Oh, oh guys. Something's up," she said chirpily. Something was indeed up. Overnight the sky had turned to mustard yellow and outside the world looked like Kansas when the tornado was about to whirl Dorothy away to Oz.

It is a strange feeling to see the city you know so well transformed overnight by Mother Nature and the biggest dust storm the city has seen. You feel awed at the power of how quickly she can leave you vulnerable. In 24 hours Sydney has gone from a stifling 30 degrees to below 20 as a wild storm approached – thunderstorms and gale-force winds with gusts over 100 km/h.

State Emergency Services advised to keep children indoors away from windows. I didn't need their recommendation as I didn't want to struggle through the world of dust and disrupted services. Daisy and I stayed home to do craft, read fairytale books and hold birthday parties for her toys. The sound of the winds was soothing and womb-like although the world had become slightly eerie.

And recently in Glebe (boho suburb where the Scribe and I shared a one-room bedsit when I was art school) a 1.8m bull shark was spotted in a park canal. Glebe and the word 'shark' don't normally go together but there it was - swimming nonchalantly along as people gathered to watch.

Mother Nature is playing tricks with Sydney Town this week.

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  1. Yes Sydney has turned sepia today, very odd. Glad you had a coocoon day too

  2. Strange things are going down in Sydney! Heard about the dust storm on the news here in the UK this morning! News travels fast - they said it was red - is it red?! A sky full of red dust...and a bull shark...what mystic readings/predictions can we take from this?! Er...Jaws 5 is soon to hit the cinemas but it will have a twist because there will be flying sharks that stain the air red with their reign of terror?!! Hmmm...Maybe not... I like how you describe the wind as womb like...funny how certain descriptions sing out to certain people eh? I hope the bull shark found its way home...though don't mess with a bull shark...I hear they have a bad temper...rather bullish...oh dear...I have verbal diarrhoea this morning...! xxx

  3. Gondal-Girl I love the phrase Sydney turned sepia as it's so apt. Hope your birthday was brilliant. Curious Cat I don't intend to mess with any shark or large fish. The Scribe is the one who likes to swim with sharks! How interesting to hear that it made the UK news! xx

  4. Glad to hear you weren't blown away to Oz!

  5. Josephine, we had the storm, too. Our Sam even called me out into the street to check out the distant sky (can't see it for the trees in the garden).

    I love the sound of your day with Daisy!

  6. Hello Josephine

    I have only just seen that on the news! How strange. It must be very disruptive and frightening for some. Over the past few years Mother nature seems to have behaved more erratically and strangely at times. I hope that it will be over soon and that you stay safe and well. Daisy is lucky to have a Mummy like you who will tell her soothing and reassuring stories.
    Strange about the shark too!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  7. Wow I saw pictures of this on the news this morning... unbelievable! A good excuse to stay in and have a day off :)

  8. Hi Josephine, I've just read about this in the papers this morning, of how Sydney skies turned a pink hue! I hope the skies are all cleared by now, well, at the very least you get the day off:)

  9. Freaky! Saw the photos of an orange sky and felt my jaw drop. Love the Oz references! That Dorothy photo is one of my favourites ever! Wendy xxx

  10. Wow, you did have a Dorothy GALE, didn't you? My goodness. Waaaaay up here in Maine, we get ice storms and hurricanes, but no dust. I can't imagine if all our sandy beaches just started blowing about! Haha. I'm glad you and your daughter are safe, and it sounds like you had a fun day regardless!

  11. Curious indeed! I woke up to red skies and i thought this is the end of the world. Glad the skies are blue again! I had lots of cleaning to do though, do you?

  12. We had the storm hit us in the afternoon, it was horrible. Even with all out=r windows shut the dust was still finding it's way in my home. I could taste it on my tongue. Yuk!

  13. '... birthday parties for her toys', how cute. I am conviced you are the next Enid Blyton. Can't wait to read your books.

    Thanks for your comment re destined for bestseller .... well, it takes one to know one. When you are an international bestseller I hope I can get your autograph. :)

    Have a great weekend.


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