Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chit-Chat Wednesday and Dollhouse Blues

I'd like to live inside my daughter's dollhouse
drinking endless cups of gingery tea
composing spidery fairytales in thumb-sized books
to read to my daughter when she played with me
all my problems would be miniature
and fit on a china saucer and plate
in a world that's flowery, cozy, and pink
I could daydream amongst my doll friends
and have ample time to be and think

all images courtesy of weheartit


  1. Ah! If only! Life can be so complicated at is good to have an escapism! :) xxx

  2. Hi! Just been catching up on all of your posts: These are little nuggets of stories unfolding ... I am there behind you following your adventures ...

    Taking ballet classes: Well done you!

    Poet's Corner:

    'A town where crime never happens ... until it does.' There's your tag line!!!!! Can't wait to read your book because you have a distinctive style that I just know will make your book magical.

    You say your first draft came easy ... this is good?? I was having a conversation with my adult son and I told him I found writing a novel difficult. (I have never written a novel before in my life). He thinks if I find it difficult then it is not worth doing. I do not know where he gets his logic from.

    Best of luck with everything. Love your writing as always; especially todays gingery tea, thumb sized books and problems so small they fit onto a dolly's china saucer and plate. xx

  3. Very sweet, Josephine, and brings back such a feeling of innocence...*sigh*

  4. How I wish we could all live in such a world:)

  5. hehe i know the feeling ;0) a little world where only fun things happened surrounded by pretty faces and sweet cups! x

  6. such a beautiful post josephine! we all need some gentle respite sometimes. wishing you more snatched pockets of time to be and think. x

  7. To eat some of the penguin and then not eat the whole of it - impossible!!! xxx

  8. Ooooh, I love this post. I'd like to live in a dollhouse, too, in a pretty fairy glen and my best friends would be snails and wrens. :) My husband and I both concur that anything small is cuter!

  9. My daughters dollhouse is a favourite play pastime. We have hours of fun with it. I love this post.

  10. Oh can I live there with you? It sounds delightful! Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog- I appreciate it more than you know xo

  11. Hello Josephine

    Oh how that idea appeals to me too! A pretty little neat house where all your troubles or worries would evaporate. I remember very clearly as a child looking at my dolls house and praying that in the night I could be magically made little so that I could join them.
    I obviously didn't pray hard enough...;-)
    Hope since you are progessing well.
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  12. ohhh id love to be inside a dollhouse.
    id like to have a daughter so that
    it wouldnt seem so silly that i
    have a dollhouse!!! at 37!
    hahahah xoxox


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