Monday, December 7, 2009

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and My Cousin Dimity

Today I didn't feel like my usual inspiring Monday post. The hot weather in Sydney seems to have zapped my brain and I could barely move, let alone think. I had my ballet class this morning and it was like being in HELL. I've had three lessons so far and the tin man is still rusty as the tin man was three lessons ago. My ballet teacher told me about one of her latest students who is in her eighties. Can you imagine? She can't do the jumps but she does pretty much everything else. I'm willing to bet that she's more flexible than I am at the barre. One of the other students had her adorable baby daughter who was running around in her nappy as we sweated it out. I watched that child bending and moving to the music and had to sadly admit she was even more flexible than I am.
However, I am a sucker for torture and punishment and so no doubt I will be back next week trying vainly to do an arabesque as I contort myself into impossible positions.
My mother told me tonight on the phone about my third cousin ( I'll call her Dimity) Anyway, Dimity has long been an inspirational figure in our house. She's in her eighties and beautifully groomed and styled on a quite modest pension. She spends her free time doing beauty treatments for women who have been through chemotherapy for cancer. Dimity is eighty-four (oops, gave her age away there) For the last few months she's been sneaking out of the house on Sundays telling people she's going to church and she's been actually going to karate classes. She is working her way up through her belts.
I'll think of Dimity when I'm standing at the barre feeling like a total pants fool next week. It's never too late and you're never to old to have a bash or make a pants fool of yourself.
Enjoy your week.
Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them - Richard Bach

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  1. What a wonderful person! She sounds wicked and very upbeat! Indeed it might be a good idea to take a leaf out of her book! :) xxx

  2. I feel both envy and admiration for the eighty year old women who go for ballet and karatte. The two women mentioned in your post are a good example of the unbeatable human spirit.

  3. Hello Josephine

    I have great admiration for Dimity! What a fantastic lady. It's people like her who really inspire me., she must be quite a person. It shows that you really are never too old if you set your mind to it.

    Interesting to hear about your ballet classes, a real mixture of ages. I smiled as you wrote about flexibility or lack of it... I tried to picture myself doing all that right now. I'd make a terrible job of it as I haven't worked out for the past few months...

    I must get back in to a routine again!

    Take care
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

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  5. Wow, that is so inspiring! You'll keep going with that same determination and with excellent results, may just take some time ...and I found
    yoga to help tremendously with my flexibility as it helps so much with my back injuries. I do this in combination with weight training on the balance ball (that helps also with flexibility) ...:)

    Have a lovely week, Josephine~xx

  6. I love this Josephine- so inspiring! Keep it up! Would love if you posted a video of your routine one day (which I do understand requires some bravery lol) xo

  7. Now I see where you get your spirit from. Keep it up.

  8. Oh wow ! You may not have been feeling too inspirational when you wrote this, but it sure inspired me today !!! Viva energetic 'old age'! I met Dame Elizabeth Murdoch on the weekend, and I have to say, there is inspiration for vivacious living everywhere we look, 'Dame Lizzy' being one of them for sure !! 100 years old and out and about in her golf buggy at her open garden, greeting people, having pictures taken and doing it all with the gracious ease of someone half her age. Bravo to you for doing ballet as well, graceful or not, you are simply wonderful for undertaking something new ! XX

  9. Dimity sounds so wonderful. ít's like she doesn't limit herself with the expectations of others, a great lesson for people half her age. you're so good for perservering with the ballet, well on the way to emulating her - i'm sure the flexibility will come and that in any case you look supremely elegant despite what you say!

  10. Oh my, your cousin sounds like a pretty fabulous lady! I hope I have as much zest and energy as she does when I reach 80!!!


  11. My darling what a hilarious post and how appropriate the photos are for this have done a great job. It is freezing here and rainy so I envy your weather. I don't do well in cold freezing weather. Aunt Dimity sounds like a character, good for her for sneaking out to do karate and for you for trying ballet, I am proud of you darling. Keep going you will soon master the plié. Stay cool.

    Love & Hugs

  12. Your cousin's a marvel!! She's still having a blast every moment good for her, a girl after all our hearts!!


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