Friday, December 11, 2009

Fabbo Friday and Gingerlilly tea

Don't you think these images are lovely? I do. I know that a lot of the Blogs talk about her work but I can't stop thinking about her photos today. She's whimsical, English, fairy-tale and retro. Totally fabulous! I want to buy her washing print to inspire me as I do the ironing. This week we had to cull from over a hundred prints and paintings we had, but I am sorely tempted.
Enjoy your weekend and thanks for visiting me. xx


  1. they are beautiful images, so lovely to lose yourself in. how sad you had to cull your prints - i hope it wasn't too wrenching.

  2. Thank you Thank you :)
    love, Keri-Anne (gingerlillytea)


  3. Very beautiful...dream-like even! :) xxx

  4. These are all beautiful and whimsical. I love them all and I will have to visit her works.

    Thank you and I love what you are doing with your book club. What a fab idea and I would so join up if I were nearby...

    Have a lovely one~
    xx Calli

  5. Beautiful and ever so dreamy images thanks for sharing.

    Hope you are well, Daisy and I are getting together a teeny tiny little parcel to send to your Daisy, shall probably end up sending in the new year now, you know how it is 101 things to do and currently I am on nunber 12 ;)

    Enjoy your weekend and if you get chance not sure if I have your updated address, you can email




  6. Love these images... have a wonderful weekend! xo

  7. awww really stunning piccys playing with light and summer fairytales...i especially like the first one- nature is so beautiful and to capture it so beautifully is a gift, a talent.
    thanks for sharing ;0)x

  8. How lovely! Wish I could live in a dream world like this!!

    It's a bit hard to find adult ballet classes over here. I would love to join if there is:)
    In the meantime I'm dancing vicariously through you!

  9. I love the last pic. Makes me want to run in the feilds and play....have a great weekend my love.

  10. Lovely photos darling, have yourself a wonderful weekend.

    Love & hugs

  11. These are lovely....oh how I'm longing for those bluebell days!!


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