Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chit-chat Wednesday and my Christmas Play list

I am feeling rather blubbery today. It is my daughter's final day at preschool and emotions have been running high at her school.
I love the school and her teachers and consider ourselves blessed that Daisy was given a place there. I love the light that speckles across the playground area, the way the Aboriginal Cadigal people are acknowledged at the school. I love how I am welcome to pop in throughout the day if I wish.
'Big school' is looming and my daughter is wildly enthusiastic about going but I look back on that lovely light filled preschool with regret for her that the creative freedom she enjoyed is about to end.
Don't you think they should pay teachers a bucket more than what they get? It's such an important job, and a great teacher can shape a child's life so much for the better.
One thought consoling me is that two teachers from Daisy's preschool are a part of my bookclub so I'll see them in the future. They operate the preschool very much from the heart and when I see the tears certain teachers try to hold back it's obvious how fortunate Daisy was to have gone there.
To cheer myself up I'm posting my favourite Christmas carol singers and albums that I dig out every year. I do love a good Christmas carol and will blub quite happily to Oh Come All Ye Faithful or Silent Night.
One of our very favourite carols albums is traditional, by the Kings College Cambridge Choir. But I also love the Mediaeval Baebes at Christmas with their lovely fairytaleish voices. I love tracks like Gaudete and The Coventry Carol from their Christmas album Mistletoe and Wine. Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash are also two favourites. And I can't wait to listen to Bob Dylan's new Christmas album.
If I had to pick a favourite carol it would be Oh Come All Ye Faithful - such a joyous tune. I truly wish I had more time to listen to carols. So much to do and I still haven't done my cards...


  1. I love listening and singing Christmas Carols!! I think my favourite is What Child is this and O Holy night:)

  2. Congratulations to Daisy! I completely agree- teachers have one of the most important job on the planet and should be justly compensated! Hope your week is going beautifully...

  3. Yes, teachers should be much better paid than they are. Writers too, he-he.
    Love Annarosa.

  4. I'm not even Christian, and I love Christmas Carols. They're so beautiful. My favorite is probably Oh Holy Night.

  5. Carols are magical - I love the idea of a Xmas playlist, its really inspired me to build up one for my household. My children are still too young for the local candlelight services, but next year we will be going to kindergarten one which will be in the afternoon... And on that note - yes, congratulations to Daisy, but I totally hear you Josephine! My eldest is about to start kinder in Feb so I am feeling that heartpinch as he takes his first step into the world, but our kid are all enrolled in Tas's one and only Steiner school which is a beautiful, light-filled place that nurtures and nourishes their hearts and minds right the way through. Its a gorgeous place with a great community of parents and teachers.... I guess all of life's milestones are challenging in their own ways aren't they? x

  6. Which school did you decide on the end? Oh poor you, it will be okay...sending you a big hug! Put some Johnny Cash or Elvis on and it will all be okay...I've heard some of Bob Dylan's stuff and it ain't half bad...some friends of ours keep playing it non-stop at the mo round their house! xxx

  7. Too cool for school, I must get that Johnny Cash album!

  8. Oh, what a bittersweet change for you and your daughter! Music is always a good healing for any emotion...


  9. oh yes, so bittersweet as our children move through life's milestones. starting school! i can't imagine what a mess i'll be when that time comes for my boy.

    your christmas music looks very cool. jx

  10. Agree with you about the payment to teachers.
    In fact it is the most noblest profession, but with little recognition.


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