Monday, December 14, 2009

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and My Holy Trilogy

We have started spinning towards Christmas and everything is becoming blurred and slightly tense as we race to compete all our tasks.
People in the city streets look tired and snap like crocodiles if you go too near their path. It is dangerous to enter stores as you suddenly begin to want to buy gifts for everybody you have ever met, including the nice old man you've spoken to once or twice in the park.
I do love this time of year however, despite all the madness. Three people I always find inspiring at Christmas time are Jamie Oliver, Nigella and Kirstie Allsopp. It wouldn't be Christmas for me without a Jamie Oliver DVD to show me how to stuff a turkey, Nigella for just being wonderful Nigella and for looking so glam and being so witty as she stuffs her turkey and I'm so excited as Kirstie's homemade Christmas show starts on Lifestyle channel in Australia tonight.
I only wish we had got this sooner as she recommends people avoid the big retails stores selling tacky, trashy stuff and make all your gifts. I can’t imagine having the time to make anything - I'm still trying to find a spare fifteen minutes to do Christmas cards. But I love the thought that one day I'll be organized like Kirstie, Nigella or Jamie. I'll have their beautiful homes, enormous trees and pull Christmas off with style, wit and ease. Love Kirstie. Love her style, her beautiful Devon home and her common-sense. And so three cheers for Kirstie, Jamie and Nigella. They're my holy trilogy of Christmas hope and possibilities for Christmas futures.
And now I must try to get time to write a few cards.


  1. Hello Josephine

    Thank you for your lovely comments.
    Miss P would love the Angelina ballerina ballet. Alan read your comment and thought it would be great to take Phoebe there next year if they are back in the UK.
    Martine books are great! I love the illustrations. They are still being published today.

    The snowman is a wonderful short story and the music that goes with it is beautiful. As a grown up, I love it!

    I agree with you about your trilogy. I would have to add Delia Smith to that list as she was the first one to have a fantastic Xmas TV series 20 years ago.

    I am recording the Nigella series and can't wait to start watching it with Miss P who loves her cooking programmes.

    I watched Kirsty's Christmas last week, it was full of great ideas. I loved the card making and soap making!

    Hope things are going well on the home settling in front...

    Warm wishes

    Isabelle x

  2. I'm sure in reality their Christmases are just like ours,not so perfectly organised,but wonderful none the less.Sometimes the chaotic ones where nothing goes to plan are those that stay in your memory don't you think?


  3. Oh, I totally agree. Avoid giving the trashy mall stuff!

  4. They do help create the festive cheer don't they? I only discovered Kirstie's show as it was ending but it was good fun! Some useful tips! I love Nigella too....her kitchen is sooo cosy and festive! xxx

  5. I agree- there is something so comforting about Jamie and Nigella- I haven't heard of Kristie yet... When I was in England over Christmas the last time I loved staying in and watching their Christmas specials...

  6. It's lovely the 'things' that make us feel cozy, happy, comforted. I've gone without television for over three years now (crazy huh)! and it's times like now, that I wish to watch a nice cooking or decorating, fun, fun!

    This year my theme for Christmas is 'simplicity'...and therefore, I don't battle the stores (too much) shopping it is!

    Have a happy week, Josephine~
    Calli xx

  7. You know this year I truly believed things would not get 'blurred' for me. But really I can't believe it but I am 'blurred' to the max at the moment.

  8. Yes - Nigella, the queen of glamourous and forbidden food! I still love the Apples for Jam cookbook, and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall or whatever-his-name-is, and the Two Fat Ladies! Thanks so much for your recent comment - whereabouts is your sister based down here? Be good to meet you when you next come to vist! Oh, and I love the gingerlilly pics...

  9. Hi Josephine - Thanks for your recent comment...where is yr sister exactly? Its so beautiful down here, everywhere. I can't get over it! Maybe you could drop me a line next time you're here and come over for tea in the gazebo! Love those gingerlilly pics by the way. Check out my friend Nadege Meriau's website for more magical fairytale images... if you google her you will find her, she's pretty successful now - take care

  10. christmas does really creep up on you - can't believe it's only 9 days away now! I love nigella too, and have warmed to jamie in recent times - loved his series on cooking from the garden. haven't heard of kirstie before, but she sounds truly fab. we don't have pay tv and never really watch tv anyway - no time! i would love to see these shows.

  11. I think that almost everything about this season is just so cozy. Everyday I wish I could stay at home by the fire!

  12. I loved this post, and wow....Christmas is certainly upon us quickly!! It is always difficult to be prepared each year without stress.

  13. i love kirstie's christmas - shes a bit mad and her enthusiasm is wonderful.

  14. Hi J
    I watched Kirsties 3 christmas shows here last week. They were lovely. She's so funny too, doesn't just try to be all perfect shows her mistakes and eats too many truffles!
    I watched some of Jamies new Christmas show this week. Last night he had his wife and children on. (they haven't done a show before)
    it was a lovely lovely scene the 2 oldest girls are like nativity angels and helped him make pancakes. And Petal the baby was gorgeous too. Such a treat to see them as a family.
    christmassy Wishes to you, kat x

  15. My darling I wish you and yours all the joy, love, hope, blessings, peace, laughter, miracles, good health and boundless wealth during this holiday season and always.

    Love & Hugs


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