Friday, December 18, 2009

Fabbo Friday and A Wasted Ticket

Wags the dog is flying over our heads on a trapeze. Before us in garish technicolour are acrobats, jugglers, ballerinas, a gyrating purple octopus, a Skinny Santa, a spinning dinosaur and four men in colourful skivvies. Murray, the red Wiggle, is suspended in the air playing his guitar whilst thousands of twinkling lights surround him.

We are seated in the 'Hot Potato' seats. I am directly behind the tallest man in the world and his son who insists on standing on his seat for most of the concert. The father has not stopped taking photographs of his son. 'Smile! Camera!' The father continually orders. As he is badgering his son to pose, Wags has swooped over the crowd again, Sam Wiggle has just passed us running through the crowd and both father and son have totally missed all the madness caught up in capturing the moment .

When he is not being photographed by his father, his mother is videotaping him. The couple spend the entire concert photographing their child from every angle. Looking at the shots they have taken and working out different angles to take next.

And of course, they all have missed the concert that they have seemingly captured on their camera.


  1. Hello Josephine

    Oh dear what a pain that must have been! How distracting all that was.
    I remember Alan taking me to my very first football match ever 2 or 3 years ago. We went to watch Arsenal in London. The man in front was very tall compared to all the others around. What didn't help is that every so often he would leap out of his seat,shout & stay standing for a while. Alan said that we were particularly unliky with that man. Not all were like him...He was REALLY loud!

    It does spoil it for others...

    I hope that you have a good weekend. Thank you for your get well wishes. It's quite determined to stay, not shaking it off yet...

    Have a good weekend

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  2. dear oh does happen. I had to film parts of the US trip back in October for the rest of my family to view but it got rather tiresome as I just wanted to look at everything without the lens...cut down on it as the holiday went on! It makes me wonder about all those japanese tourists with cameras and camcorders though! xxx

  3. Oh no- lol! I hate when I'm sitting behind the tallest man in the world- that happens to me so often! Hope you were able to enjoy it anyway :)

  4. a wiggles concert - i'm not brave enough to try that yet. it's funny how some people experience life through a viewfinder. i'm not that bad, but i can understand theobsession with capturing the delight of your child.

  5. Hi Jospehine, so sorry that I have been poor at getting around to everyone's blogs these past few weeks. I've barely had enough energy to post on my own. Forgive me. I am up in the wee hours of the morning now, because I have been sick all night and now, cannot sleep.

    Miss you and hope you are doing well. Hugs!

  6. Just a reminder that we all need to stop and live life instead of always trying to record it...


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